Why do my characters feel so weak? (slight spoilers)

#1ShadowHunterHQPosted 6/19/2014 3:15:40 PM
Im at chapter 4, I've awakened the Earth Crystal and am about to head for the tower of light but before that I'm trying to ge the vampire asterisk, my characters are level 60 and have many job up to level 9 and I FINALLY beat the keystone dragons after one hell of s struggle, now every encounter in vampire castle is like a boss fight and I got wiped out on the third floor, why do my characters seem to weak? my set up is

Tiz - lvl 10 Knight/ lvl 8 Templar
Anges - lvl 10 White Mage/ lvl 9 Spirtiualist
Edea - lvl 10 White Mage/ lvl9 Time Mage
Ringabell - Level 10 Monk/ lvl 9 Thief

Why are random encounters kicking my ass?
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#2JariuPosted 6/19/2014 3:30:09 PM(edited)
Levels in other jobs (otherwise it's easy to assume that everything is on 9)?

With this info there's little to say besides ''Get Good'', and we both know that doesn't solve anything.
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too many white mages for one, you only need one, try salvemaker/merchant, ninja/whatever, pirate/spell fencer or swordmaster, white mage/performer for healing and buffs or spiritmaster/whitemage
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If you're like me and you're having trouble with cerberus random encounters, you should replace one of your white mages with a Arcanist with Black Mage ability. Equip the Group Cast All ability from the black mage line, and try to give the character speed-boosting equipment.

Brave once and use sleep on all enemies, then use twilight. It should be able to OHKO most of the enemies in the castle.
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#5OrihimePosted 6/20/2014 10:51:14 PM
If this is your first time through Vampire Castle and you're getting stomped--it's best to turn off the encounters to -100%. Just grab the treasures first without worrying about enemies. If you feel you need to fight the regular enemies and get your job levels up before fighting Lester-- then still keep the encounters at -100% until you get to 7F. Save with the Adventurer (it's a good idea to buy the Norende stuff from him, especially Alarm Earrings, Fox Tails or Falcon Knives) and then turn the encounters back on.

Also, you need some strong attacks that target All Foes and your current party is seriously lacking such attacks. I second what travisem16 and ed819 posted earlier. You'll keep running into trouble with the wolves, because the wolves always counter single target attacks with Payback (chances are that is what is decimating your party. But the wolves don't counter All Foes type target attacks). Also, Monk/Thief to me doesn't seem to mesh very well. I would recommend changing Ringabel into a Valkyrie/Spell Fencer. Equip Hermes Shoes/Sandals on him beforehand. Then brave twice, use Poison sword magic, then follow up with Crescent Moon. Your slower Arcanist then uses Exterminate to kill the enemies (I prefer Exterminate over Twilight, since I seem to have better success poisoning than putting the enemies to sleep. But it's up to you).You can deal with the bats the same way (might want to get Confuse Immunity or Peace Rings equipped on your main attackers). For the Melusines, they are weak to Wind magic, bows or Demon/Aerial Slayer from Ranger.

One more recommendation is to make Time Mage (TM) your main, instead of the sub job. Even reversing Edea's jobs to Time Mage/White Mage is better, since TM's have Time Slip as their auto passive (in case things go wrong and you can Teleport to get out of the castle and rest at a Inn if you need to). Also, late game is where Time Mage shines, especially with broken sauce passives, such as Hasten and Slow World.
#6silktailPosted 6/21/2014 7:24:30 AM
Orihime posted...
You can deal with the bats the same way (might want to get Confuse Immunity or Peace Rings equipped on your main attackers).

When I went through Vampire Castle in Chapter 4, it was mostly the Confuse status and occasionally Charm status from Melusine, which killed me.

So if you don't have the relative supports, then I recommend wearing a Rainbow Dress to deal with Confuse (unlocked in Norende shops), with a Rebuff Locket for Charm (Eternia shops).
#7alt_realityPosted 6/21/2014 7:56:06 AM
You could just wimp out and turn encounters off to waltz up to the boss...
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#8CattyLiver12345Posted 6/21/2014 7:56:36 AM
If you're not satisfied with your level then, outside Eternia, use bomb arm x 2, and it'll own them. And you'll get lots of exp, jp,pg. with the growth egg, you'll get even more exp and jp, but no pg.
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I would say to get to lv 14 on your main jobs with the strategy mentioned above.
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#10CattyLiver12345Posted 6/21/2014 7:59:00 AM
And why do you have 2 W Mages?
FC:3368 1017 8482. I play Bravely Default ch 7, a few jobs maxed.