Bravely Second article from Weekly Jump

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so they explain that agnes is playable or she is only in the sequel?
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ivanhellsing posted...
so they explain that agnes is playable or she is only in the sequel?

They explain that she exists in the sequel, but since she has what I assume to be a Job outfit (too low resolution for me to make out specific characters), I'd say her playabel, as well.
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Was reading a bit here and there, nothing was said about Agnes being a playable character.
Also they could redesign job costumes for all old characters, so far Tiz and that's not even sure
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They said awhile back ago that Agnes would travel with Magnolia and Tiz at least a bit so I imagine she's a playable character.

Also just saying but Bravely Default has the asterisk holder death scenes in the battles themselves. When you see them say their death quote and vanish they are dead the journal and other Eternian NPCs lay it out as well. That's why when you have a case of a character not dying they make a special showing of it like the voice of children reviving a guy, them running away, them using reraise, etc... In fact the game will even change certain scenes in later chapters depending on the order you kill the bosses to account for the now dead bosses. BD is not a light hearted game it's a very dark game with a light hearted aesthetic to it.
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Really looking forward to this game.

A few points tho:
- Add lots of new areas
- Add depth to new areas for more exploration
- Keep old area recycling to a minimum
- Don't reduce the amount of playable party members
- Add in an option to save multiple setup as experimenting can be a chore
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Shadow_Master_T posted...
Indeed, it would be odd. But we've seen Kamiizumi killing Qada after him dying in Edea's arms, so for all we know they could all just fall under what Braev went through, unless stated otherwise.

Nah. When Kamiizumi dies, you do not get that Qada scene when leaving. Only when you either not defeat him or he did survive (Chapter 6) that scene is played. In BD, most enemies die in the first World. That's just the gist of it..
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