help with the boss *spoilers*

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2 years ago#1
help, i just beat the game and i would like to take on the adventurer, this is the team i'm using right now:
Tiz lvl 99
Precision, Hawkeye, Frenetic Fighting

Agnes lvl 99
Dual Shield, Shield Lore, Absorb P. Damage, Absorb M. Damage, Angelic Ward

Ringabel lvl 99
Salve Maker/White Mage
Holy One, Steady MP Recover, Absorb P. Damage, Absorb M. Damage

Edea lvl 99
Time Mage/Swordmaster
Group Cast All, Speed +10%, Angelic Ward

so basically agnes does my hero, mimic, mimic, mimic every turn. Tiz attacks and use bp drinks to give agnes bp to act again next turn, edea uses free lunch and reraise hastega quick on all with group cast all, edea attacks sometimes with meteor. ringabel heals every turn, with healing lore amd holy one curada fully heals party in one shot.

Is this good enough?
2 years ago#2
You'll be fine. You're not really optimal to the point of breaking his face in a turn or two but it should work.

Why hit 9999x8 when you can hit 9999x20? A Dark Knight would do better. Really though, Tiz is fine.

Agnes is legit.

I'm going to call this overkill... Salve-Maker alone will be able to do sufficient healing if you have Low Leverage up. As for what to pair it with, you're missing a Spiritmaster (which can do lots of cool stuff while White Mage only has Dispel that makes it unique and that's pretty useless).

Group Cast All is a waste; your Ninja is the only one who really gets any value out of Quick, you already have Hastega, and Reraise is something your Salve-Maker can do too. I would instead go for Pierce Magic Defense so you can go for absurd damage (pair with Zero and Magic Critical for ultimate Bravely Second results, otherwise you'll probably hit 9999 with ease).

If you throw Hasten World in there somewhere, I think you can avoid Tiz having to throw BP Drinks (at least not as often as you are now).
"Do you... want my carrots?" Jowy Atreides, Suikoden II
2 years ago#3
isnt hasten world kinda dangerous because it gives opponent bp as well?

group cast all is for reraise and hastega on whole party quickly, using salve maker to cast reraise via its compound move would be too slow

i agree on dark knight though its probably better
2 years ago#4
Hasten World destroys the AI's ability to function. If it has BP, it's going to attack. If it DOESN'T have BP, it may try to block your attacks which is never fun when it does it on the turn you picked to unleash all of your BP at once. Plus, there are ways to remove the BP they receive (Moderation, ...something on Swordmaster and/or Performer, I can't remember...).

But... Time Mage has the Hastega spell. It costs a little bit more than Haste but... you don't need a three slot ability to use it. And you really shouldn't be using Reraise enough that group casting it will make that much of a difference. Low Leverage will help you not die so much if you are dying enough to warrant GCA Reraise (assuming you're not making use of it already).
"Do you... want my carrots?" Jowy Atreides, Suikoden II
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