does the demo trick still work?

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2 years ago#1
so i'm at the end of chapter 3 in bravely default and just found out about the trick in the demo version to get 20 villagers into the full version. does this still work? and if so, can i transfer them to my started game or will i have to start a new game.

thanks (:
2 years ago#2
Yes, it still works, but you'll have to start a New Game,
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2 years ago#3
that's what i feared.. :/ oh well, if i wasn't as far as i am i would considered restarting, but that's not worth it.

thanks anyways (:
2 years ago#4
If you've gotten that far, it easy and well worth starting a new game.
2 years ago#5
well im on chapter 5 now :p and i almost have all the items i really wanted from the village so im gonna stay where im at
2 years ago#6
Does the demo trick for 20 villagers work with New Game+ too? I mean for in the case that you have to do a complete reset of your village for more stat-raising buns.
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2 years ago#7
I thought you keep your villagers when going into ng+, but I'm not entirely sure because I'm not there yet.
2 years ago#8
You can keep them, because it's a separate option for resetting Norende Village population & Norende Village status.

However I haven't been re-fighting many Nemesis/, etc, etc. So I have no idea if that does effect Bun drop chances.

Otherwise I wouldn't have thought you could import the Demo Bonuses to a New Game+, because there isn't normally a need to do so. But note that I haven't tried anything to test it.
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