How are people getting 9999 Rages with Low Leverage?

#1bopbop66Posted 8/22/2014 4:52:23 PM
I've heard about people doing this but I don't know what the setup itself is. Can someone help?
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#2bassyuraPosted 8/22/2014 5:14:37 PM
Sword Magic Amp, Two Handed, Drain Attack Up, Critical 1000% and best Katana for minimal investment.
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#3MayaWrightPosted 8/22/2014 6:10:49 PM
bassyura posted...
Sword Magic Amp, Two Handed, Drain Attack Up, Critical 1000% and best Katana for minimal investment.


A few minor things:
1. Before your attack, switch out your weapon for a Blood Blade, then use it to activate the Drain Sword Magic.
2. Afterwards, switch back to your weapon.
3. If you're using a Katana, you only need Critical 500%, due to the high crit rate the Katana has.

I also gave element up to the Rage user, and Dark Weak to the target. Dunno if that's overkill or not, but I also have a second Rage user who doesn't use a Katana and Conjurer, so eh. That one doesn't hit 9999 unless it crits, while the Katana one does all the time.
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#4blowtreesPosted 8/22/2014 7:01:19 PM
I've got Yoichi's bow on one of my rage users. It's slightly better crit, but about 43 atk weaker than 2handing Mutsu whatever katana. Since it's a bow, I don't have to equip 2handed and get a free aerial exploit.

I also played with dual wielding Katana/Ripper (15/20 crit) or a pair of katanas, with black belt. Nearly always crits, but I don't know about how the damage is divied up, like if it only uses your primary weapon's atk or an aggregate between the two. I figure there's no benefit besides stacking crit chance.

I always have compounding on somebody to throw dark-weak (and shadowflares), and usually a vampire for curse/gastricjuice to debuff physdef.

but there's lots of ways to hit the damage cap. the thing about rage isn't that it's an especially powerful attack, but that it attacks 5x a turn ~ so your already powerful attacks become obscene.
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