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2 years ago#1
...how the heck can you rebuild Norende if the ****ing chasm is still there?

do they rebuild it in a nearly place or something?
wouldn't be dangerous to rebuild it close to the chasm with all the monsters that come out from there?
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2 years ago#2
yeah good question lol.

Ive been asking myself the same kind of question.

Are we really rebuilding fixing Norende in the same blast zone area or creating a newer Lorende kind of close to the chasm pit?
2 years ago#3
I always assumed they were building somewhere else. That doesn't answer the question of how they're surviving all the giant monster attacks though...
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2 years ago#4
Of course they're building somewhere else. As for how they survive monster attacks, look at who sells their wares, faithful Fox can hold off level 99 monsters with ease.
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2 years ago#5
You know I always figured your rebuilding of Norende was really just supply gathering. Your gathering people, inventory, materials needed to build places, and planning out how all the resources should be distributed and the order in how they build. So that when the chasm closes all the work is practically done they just need to follow the building plan then populate the town with the resources and people gathered.

Or they are just building it somewhere else.
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2 years ago#6
I have always assumed that the new Norende is built near the chasm. Hence, the monsters showing up.
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