How quickly does equipment get obsolete in this game?

#1AurricXPosted 8/23/2014 4:27:08 AM
I just started playing a few days ago, and by the merit of being sort of busy and not able to game for eighteen hours a day, I feel like my Norende Village is further along than the rest of my game.

I just started Chapter 1, and I'm pretty sure that I'm about to get the Thief asterisk (although I could be wrong, I'm just guessing by context clues in the sidequest), but I have access to some items that seem to be way overpowered for where I am.

My question is: is it worthwhile to spend the money on stronger weapons, or will they be less useful too soon? I'm using RIngabel as a knight right now, and I just got access to Lu Bu's Spear via the Norende weapon shop. Is it worth spending the 8k for it, or just a waste of money?
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#2WizardofHothPosted 8/23/2014 5:21:25 AM
It's worth it I guess. You're the playing your bravely default game.

I myself am pretty much just leveling up a few certain lorende shops. The golden egg and growth egg they're pretty spendy.

With all the freebie items I keep getting from the lorende shops I might sell a couple of x potions to see how much I get from selling an x potion or whatever
#3SupremeShogunPosted 8/23/2014 7:02:27 AM
I am building up my village as I play. I am in CH2 and just able to purchase LuBu Spear, but my Norende is all around ~ 8ish now. You can get by without, but if you have the dough I probably would get it. I've bought magics as soon as I was able to get. I would definitely upgrade everyones gear to mythril once you have access/get far enough in game. (Lu Bu spear > Mythril though )
#4I_eat_tablesPosted 8/23/2014 8:47:22 AM(edited)
Some stuff from Norende is pretty far ahead of the curve, and will last a while before being obsoleted. The Red Cap for example you can buy pretty early and it's the best headgear for physical party members for a long time, thanks to good defensive stats and two nice stat bonuses. Lu Bu's Spear isn't obsoleted (by a spear) until like chapter 5 or so, and even then it's by a tiny amount (the most powerful spear available before the final chapter has 39 attack, a whole 4 more than Lu Bu).

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#5OrihimePosted 8/24/2014 7:04:07 PM
Also, Angel Bows from Norende can pretty much trivialize the 1st half of the game, especially when you equip it on a Thief or Ranger. The charm effect and Special moves are a bonus. I noticed it does become obsolete around late Ch 3 or beginning of Ch 4, but that's a good buy, especially when your job selection is fairly slim early game.