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loved demo - looking forward to the game (Archived)twylight77711/4/2014
To anyone having difficuly in the demo, easy way to beat all bosses (Archived)TheBlueAngel21/4/2014
No evasion for a dual wield ninja in demo? (Archived)VenomSymbiote41/4/2014
personally think it's an OK game but going to cancel preorder (Archived)
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just bought this game today and omg! (Archived)mikedarrow131/4/2014
Stacking crit (Archived)DahlVaughnni21/4/2014
Any secrets in the demo? (Archived)caprontos51/4/2014
This demo is LOUSY (Archived)nintendoman56261/4/2014
Super Attacks Question (Archived)Xillia2631/4/2014
Just have a few questions please. (Archived)FinalFinale21/4/2014
How do I get the bad ending? *spoilers* (Archived)
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If I hear one more person talk about censorship... (Archived)kimimaru5101/4/2014
About that 'censorship' (Archived)
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So this game's battle system is like Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits...? (Archived)OrangeCrush98031/4/2014
I am so sick of Ringabel (Archived)
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does hard mode give additional battle rewards? (Archived)random_noobie51/4/2014
So isn't the age of consent in the states under 18? Why'd they up the ages? (Archived)
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Where can I get the items that I unlocked by upgrading my village? (Archived)utawoutau21/4/2014
Redoing chapters (Archived)DrSteelecleaver51/4/2014
Demo streetpass villager question (Archived)lightbringer1441/4/2014
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