If you could bring one feature from past GTAs into GTA Online

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Definitly the Leviathan from GTA San Andreas (Cargobob with a magnet attached); was so much fun doing stuff with it.
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ThrillKillFan posted...
Friendly fire the **** OFF!!

I'd also like to add letting me make my own custom GTA Online session where I can choose to have a set number of randoms be able to join my game. It was pretty funny watching a session I'd make in IV/EFLC hit the max number of players allowed by me and knowing that my friends outnumbered those players. So if they started being real jerkwads to everybody we had enough votes to give them the yo heave ho.

Oh and weapon pickups in free roam. None of this paying for ammo bs.

They finally fixed the friendly fire issue but still did not set the option to default (for some reason R* wants you to shoot your friends >_>) though now you can go the select menu and change the targeting priority to low so you no longer aim at your friends.

As for game modes, would loved to have cops and crooks come back.
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The old man in brown trenchcoat in GTA III. "Yep, I been drankin' again".
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The ability to put oil slicks and mines on vehicles from GTA 2.
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Sticky bombs sticking to people :) we used to do that all the time in san andreas
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It's a toss up between these:

SexySamSosa67 posted...

SHAD0WC0BRA posted...
Crime business ownership and missions from GTA Vice City Stories.

ThrillKillFan posted...
Friendly fire the **** OFF!!

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hamtier posted...
Sticky bombs sticking to people :) we used to do that all the time in san andreas

I loved doing that in Red Faction Guerrilla. It was humorous, if not a bit sadistic, to throw sticky bombs on the guards at the bases and watch them run around screaming theirs heads off as they wait for the inevitable BOOM.
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Property ownership would be nice. Either that or the ability to work out, get fat, etc.