If you could bring one feature from past GTAs into GTA Online

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S*** to do
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Vigilante missions.
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Turn off my phone.
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HuPeRcHiLd posted...
I think that not being able to be the police is a significant oversight in GTAV/GTAO. It'd be fun to chase down NPCs, have an arrest/kill ratio, city damage total etc etc. Of course having a your own personalized police vehicle to catch the bad guy with would be cool too.

I love this idea! It would be great to have some epic intercept missions like the first Mad Max movie, especially if we could buy some equivalent to that sweet Ford Falcon he had.
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Spdwyblu05xrun posted...
The old man in brown trenchcoat in GTA III. "Yep, I been drankin' again".

Lol! I always loved that guy. They could also add in the "Marios" from Vice City. "I said to myself, Mario, take it easy!"

It would be great if we could buy henchmen, and decide what they would wear. I think the game could maybe support each player maybe having two. If it could support players having four, that would be totally awesome.
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enuff said.
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A new Hot Coffee minigame.
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I, actually, miss having taxi, ambulance, and police side missions.
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SHAD0WC0BRA posted...
Crime business ownership and missions from GTA Vice City Stories.

This was my thought as well. I know these got some criticism for lacking variety, but I personally enjoyed the concept of "taking over" the businesses, even if they were all variations of the same three missions.

I think these could work in GTA Online, if they reset per session. You join a session, go to a business to take it over, or if it's already "claimed" then you have a fight with whoever claimed it; perhaps you would engage in an impromptu private deathmatch or a 1v1 mission, where the winner claims the business. As long as you retain the business, you earn a small profit every so often, perhaps a bonus for successfully defending it from other players. If you leave the session, you forfeit all claims to businesses. I don't see how it would work otherwise; multiple people couldn't own the same business (like apartments) in this scenario.

The one issue I foresee is these would be a popular target for griefers, though to be fair, they're going to find something or other to target regardless so this would be just one more thing to distract them from other methods.
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