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3 years ago#31
shinyspot posted...
is this from the HARD difficulity?


RJrockstar posted...
How do you get Trevor's missions?

They unlock whatever CCO's level is
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3 years ago#32
Ben1125 posted...
Anyone know if the levels on these have changed? I'm at level 30 just now, and Ron seems to be only interested in offering Fuelling the Flames and Daemon Run, and Lester's only offering Titan of a Job and High Priority Case.

its pretty random. i was on an 8hr session last night where i got base invaders everytime from Ron when i called except once. i reset it after doing a gang attack then Ron gave me nothing but basei.

while my friends never got it their first session then jumped on again later and got it every other mission.
3 years ago#33
Will add this to 1.03 once it's finished

Car Deliveries
Cheval Surge: 6,490 (mint condition)
Ocelot Jackal
Obey Tailgater
Dundreary Landstalker
Maibatsu Penumbra
Fathom FQ 2: 8,290 (mint condition)
Mammoth Patriot: 8,250 (mint condition)
Emperor Habanero
Schyster Fusilade: 6.190 (mint condition)
Bravado Gresley
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3 years ago#34
Can someone do a list of all the missions, who gives them, the RP, the lvl needed, cash payout, how many players can do them or are required, and maybe a synopsis of what the mission objectives are?

That would be great as a FAQ or walkthrough or such either here or the main GTAV forums.
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3 years ago#35
Sorry if already posted,

Trevor mission - Chopper Tail - 23,000 - 70 - 2,300
3 years ago#36
On Out of Court Settlement you can sell the guys car to get 20k
3 years ago#37
The guy on GTA forums is only missing the RP for 6 missions now, if anyone knows them just post and the RP portion will be done :D. Also, just realized he also added how many players each job supports ^_^

Missing RP
Dish the dirt
Caught Napping
Ticket to Elysium
Dry Docking
Docks to Stock II
Out of Harmony
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3 years ago#38

Thanks to VLAYER for finding there. Great list of decent paying NON-Contact and still currently REPLAYABLE missions.
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3 years ago#39
Guess I'll ask this here. Has anybody noticed RP discrepancies when finishing a mission?

Let's say I play Out of Court Settlement on Hard. I see the screen that says 15 JP, $9000, and 1,160 RP.

But then on the next screen (where you can press Y for Like) it shows 750 RP. What's the deal with that?
3 years ago#40
Would be nice to have conditions/level requirements.
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