No way to kill tanks?

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3 years ago#1
I'm seeing more and more of these people that farmed when the game still handed out cash like it was nothing, and now half my lobbies have tanks running around in them. Is there really no way to kill them efficiently?

Also, if you buy one do you keep it like your other vehicles or is it a one time use? I saw someone who just kept buying them when his tank finally died after about 2 hours. Did he just buy another one?
3 years ago#2
When you buy one you can call and have one delivered at any time for $1,000. If it gets destroyed just call again and pay another $1,000 and you get another Rhino.

And Stickies work on them, but not just one.
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3 years ago#3
Im trying to remember since my game isnt on but i remember tanks being 1.5mil to buy. It's really that easy to get another one? I kind of hope R* does something about that. Maybe put a very long timer on calling another one or something.

Also, any idea how many sticky bombs? I got 4 on a tank and that wasnt enough.
3 years ago#4
Tanks are just like any of the other things you buy from WarStock, Elitas, or the boat one. Once you paid the purchase price for it, you call, pay $1,000, and they deliver one to the closest appropriate location. Eventually everyone will have them on call, so if some griefing tool pulls out his tank to cause trouble we'll all just call up ours and teach him how big his mistake really is.

And I don't know exactly how many stickies it takes. I've taken a few down, but usually after they'd already taken some damage from other players and the cops.

What I really prefer to do, though, is if a player is in a tank going after other players I call up my mechanic and get my Adder. Then I just repeatedly blow it up under his treads costing him $12,500 each time. I've made a guy pay $200,000 in replacement Adders before his tank finally blew up.

Also, if you're level 50+ and really want to have some fun, call Lamar and send a Mugger after them. If you're in a vehicle, ANY vehicle, when a mugger gets called on you then the mugger will jack your ride rather than just steal some money. That includes a tank. I've had players yanked out of tanks a few times, gunned them down, tank-jacked the mugger, and had my own free tank. At least until it blew up. 8)
The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
3 years ago#5
Cover a larger vehicle(sandking, van etc) with sticky bombs. Haul the vehicle with a Cargobob over the tank. Drop the payload. Tank eradicated.
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3 years ago#6
If there is only one tank and you are playing with a buddy you can hop in the Buzzard. The passenger can shoot missiles basically straight down, definitely out of the tanks vertical reach. The missiles are slow so having a good pilot to get low while staying in the "safe zone" really helps.
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