Losing money?

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User Info: smash_boy

3 years ago#1
I was playing earlier and had about $118,000 in my bank account. An hour later, I got back on and saw I only had around $114,000. Why is that?
XBL gamertag: XxDeadlyFrostxX

User Info: _Rushdown_

3 years ago#2
Probably apt maintenance and mechanic fees if you weren't playing at all.

User Info: UltimatesTruth

3 years ago#3
You lose $500 every time you die.
There's also a fee for playing missions, races etc..

User Info: smash_boy

3 years ago#4
That probably explains it. A bunch of $125s add up.
XBL gamertag: XxDeadlyFrostxX

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