Leaked audio. Horses, Yachts and vtol.

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While horses would be awesome, they wont be ridable. They will be used at the horse racing track.

Is that fact or just your opinion?

Well they could just edit in a bit of the RDR code to get rideable horses/mounts into GTA ...

exactly. people forgot rockstar made the most kickkeister western and zombie western imaginable and marston was able to be chosen as part of your family.

Because a large, western world with no urban elements or vehicles is a lot easier to determine collision issues, gameplay mechanics, etc, than it would be if you threw cars, buildings, and all that in.

It's not a matter of copy and pasting code, especially when Rockstar North had next to no involvement in RDR.
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Would love to sticky bomb a horse. Can't see it happening unfortunately.
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LMAO, pretty obviously fake. Sounds nothing like the police chatter in the game. There isn't even police chatter in online mode.
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What happened to the last batch of "leaked audio". ie. Casinos etc. Any word on that biz?
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nice. I hope they do add Yacht's.
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Heres some more.


Reports of animal cruelty. Could be when a horse gets shot or something. This sounds more likely to be dlc for single player.
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Not getting my hopes up,But it would be nice to be able to own a Yacht and a VTOL aircraft.
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Not getting my hopes up,But it would be nice to be able to own a Yacht and a VTOL aircraft.

and landing your VTOL on said yacht because it has a helipad
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As a prank I would enjoy using a cargobob to park my horse on someone's yacht.
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