GTAO - RP and Cash Payout guide (TU - 1.12)

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Added these 2 to the doc.

Hit'em Up - Gerald - 14 - 1875 RP - $2,250
Artificial Scarcity - Martin - 19 - 2250 RP - $5,250
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Nightcrawler65 posted...
I found an overview of the payouts on all of the new missions.
Where did you find those at cuz most of that RP info is not correct. All these listings in the post are completed solo with free aim but some of the ones you list show more RP, some show less which doesn't make sense.
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Master Data is Rank 16
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Yeah but rooftop rumble soon gets old...
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IAMWILDCAT posted...
Yeah but rooftop rumble soon gets old...

...A Wildcat impostor. really.

Anyway, do Coveted?
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Whats the fastest way for me to level up if I'm level 48?
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NeoGeoXSega posted...
Whats the fastest way for me to level up if I'm level 48?

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WOW I haven't played in awhile and coming back in it looks to me like they nerfed the missions to the ground. What a joke!
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Can we get an updated list?

(After the Flight School DLC/Patch)
I'd really like to know which mission gets you the most $ now...