GTA Online let's people rape other players

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If you think day one patches are something new, it shows what generation you're a part of. They've existed for well over a decade, possibly even two decades. As far back as I remember in PC gaming. Deadlines happen, and bugs get fixed after the golden deadline is met. How the hell is that complacent?

How is rolling out fixes complacent? You speak like you have some insider knowledge that they are doing nothing, but the frequency of updates has shown anything but that.

The frequency that they have to release fixes proves their fixes are shoddy. But you can continue to wear your fandom glasses and keep defending R* like they're some indie dev being swamped and are doing the best they can with their resources, after months of seeing it it's clear you're just an apologist who's in denial that there's a problem with online. Or even worse, you believe that the online is quality, in which case I'm deeply sorry for your lack of standards. Buh-bye.

As somebody who works in software development, I have far more perspective in the matter and can tell you that the frequency is fair, the quality is fine, and you're just one of those who needs everything now.

There's no reason to bring that up unless you're willing to prove it. I can say that I'm Leslie Benzies just as easily. And even if you do work in software development that doesn't mean you work for a game developer, what would you know about keeping hackers out of an online multiplayer session?