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All i want to know is, has anyone been able to shoot a jet down? Stinger
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chriss11112/20 12:25AM
Rockstar services arn't saving will I get money back if I quit now ?Splatulated212/19 9:41PM
Rock* Gets Festive With Explosives, Snowball Fights & More (Christmas DLC)
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Thomas Riordan4612/19 7:57PM
Good to know jester Is complete crap against new jesterSplatulated212/19 7:39PM
Is anyone else having problems when pressing the back button?HONDA700712/19 6:38PM
Do they have any specific dates for when it will snow?schmittycent2712/19 6:15PM
I had an awesome dogfight in a jet against a buzzard todayShark8637412/19 5:52PM
Please Help Me Choose My Third PropertyWilmore99712/19 5:31PM
How much is the new ratloader online?schmittycent2412/19 2:18PM
Festive Update can be downloaded though the Xbox Marketplace.agentspoon912/19 10:55AM
How the new weapons affect Lazersbarbera66912/19 9:24AM
Why do you think Rockstar make sure they said the 4 player co-op heist?
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chriss11612/18 10:00PM
Its... all... come... TRUE!!!!!!!!nickr2d2612/18 5:29PM
Roosevelt (Poll)Frumpy88212/18 3:34PM
Dunno if this has been posted but..Ahmbadwitnames712/18 3:07PM
am I the only onecaveman0887712/18 1:03PM
I go play a mission in your name, for killing me. The ultimate Revenge.
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chriss11812/18 7:50AM
Like i've been saying all this time, Thank you for buying them Shark Cards.chriss1512/18 7:24AM
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DeadH0RSE3912/17 4:30PM
The new features of the update >>>>>>> the actual heistsLiqiudusSnake812/17 10:10AM