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What car is the entity based off of? (Archived)AlucardArikado610/16/2013
In need of some advice (Archived)
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Criminal Records hosting now (Archived)Mandl1978310/16/2013
Does this happen to you guys a lot? (or at all?) (Archived)ZadonZant310/16/2013
Any luck with the dune buggy? (Archived)
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That's a new record. I spawned into online and got shot three seconds in. (Archived)DMan304410/16/2013
What value of current apt goes towards your next one? (Archived)Estabon1410/16/2013
Wanna join my crew? (Archived)CSRouge96110/16/2013
Wanna know what's more awesome then the rhino? (Archived)
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Request mission..Lester (Archived)Daijo610/16/2013
Bad sport lobbies sound like fun (Archived)Mr_Killstreak810/16/2013
Best vehical to eat a sandwhich in? (Archived)Grimno410/16/2013
Anyone swaping race wins? (Archived)Antz24210/16/2013
Test Drive Unlimited with violence. (Archived)DonVito1990410/16/2013
Question about losing vehicles and also biker vests. (Archived)DropkickJeremy510/16/2013
Does the weight of the car give you an illusion its faster? (Archived)SuperstaRRR210/16/2013
Is there a way to equip the armour but hide it? (Archived)
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How do you get 5 Stars? (Archived)
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I always get kicked when evading a 4 star wanted level in a chopper (Archived)TheConstable110/16/2013
Is anyone else just doing closed session & quick jobs from phone? (Archived)kevo_penguin710/16/2013
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