Any good leveling tips?

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3 years ago#1
As the title says I'm wondering if anyone has some advice for leveling up? I just got past the carta and the enemies are scaling up pretty fast leaving me to grind more then progressing. I've been grinding the challenge nodes hoping to get lucky with rare drops but they don't drop much gold leaving my PvP fights for my gold to buy packs. On the positive side I did get a Queen of the black marsh from a warrior pack which is the only legendary or epic other then pride demon I've been lucky enough to get.

I know the board is empty but figured I'd post anyway to see if people are playing on game FAQs since its my preferred site
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3 years ago#2
Same boat, seem to have hit a brick wall, and am doing challenge quests hoping for a rare/epic drop. One thing I can suggest, which it doesn't sound like you've done, is replay the quests for mastery to get gems.

38 of 'em will get you a Champion pack, with a guaranteed rare. If you've managed to get past the rise of the Carta chapter, I expect you should be able to get enough gems for at least one pack. Personally, I still haven't gotten past the final fight there.

Personally, haven't gotten any legendary or epic units yet, did pick up 2 rares from warrior packs in addition to the rare I got with the 28 gems. None particularly good though. AoE units, particularly the ones with stun/slow, just destroy me.
3 years ago#3
I have tried mastering the levels but the Lady of the forest put a stop to that. I have had good luck with the speed runes in PvP and just avoid the aoe stun enemies if I can.

Just keep at the warrior pack and hope it pays off since that is where I got my legendary. Was disappointed it was a large since the champion pack had just given me a epic large and now is just sitting there.

What node are you trying? Just got the ferelden one that can drop epics but I can't seem to win the fight. Been trying the dust town one myself but only dropped some uncommon thiefs so far
Gt Supernova King
3 years ago#4
Well, you get Gems for mastering each individual node, not a full map, so just do the ones you can. Just wish it would indicate the difficulty before you suffered the load in.

So far only have the Brecillian, Deep Roads, and Dust Town challenge nodes. Brecillian gives chance at Orange (Epic?) so I've been trying that. Only gotten uncommons and commons though.

Sadly, my second gem purchase was yet another single target no debuff rare.

Now, if I take out the free reaper, I can have a faction matching squad of rares. Doubt it's worth it though, row attack for single target attack. Can't hurt to try some though, I guess.
3 years ago#5
I'm with you. I'm stuck on map 5(the highway) mission 4. Which really stinks because they are doing better odds at an epic Carver from the bonus mission, which I cannot unlock.

My group consist of an uncommon big(Ogre)... then I have my choice of an all blue rare team, but that gets rolled because the opposition is all red, which is the counter to blue. Or a mix/match with blue/red including 1 epic(tho a poor one at that-Arishock... single target). All of my guys are around lvl 20-25, but the opposition here jumps from lvl 20 to lvl 59. It's like a hard roadblock and I have no clue how to get around it.

I've been buying soldier packs every chance I get as well as 2 Champ packs I've earned through doing mastery missions, but I'm now stuck on those as well... I really don't see anywhere to go here except to keep grinding away
3 years ago#6
I got through 5th all the way up to the final node using a stun team. 2 row stuns and one aoe one. That got me through most of the fights till i hit the final boss. Can't get through unfortunately. Just gonna have to overlevel it and hope for an initiative rune from the soldier packs. Was hoping to get to the Carver event but doesn't look likes it's gonna happen.

And yeah, EACG deliberately make these road blocks to frustrate you into burning cash on gems. These road blocks + the time constraint = ppl burning money on in-game currency.
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3 years ago#7
I saw a notification on my cell about the Carver thing but as far as I looked I didn't see anything in the game itself detailing the event. So how's that work?

And my strategy for leveling when I reach a dead end in the story fights is just replaying the challenge fights constantly. If I'm not retrying old battles for mastery I just grind those as that way I get a shot at runes and characters (weak ones though).
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3 years ago#8
Currently I'm stuck at the circle, have been grinding the ferelden challenge for a week with no luck with Carver. My only 2 epics are Aveline and pride demon but have the legendary black marsh queen as well. I can't beat the tevintar challenge so I'm at a complete stand still since all my gem packs have wielded worthless rares while my 2 large came from soldier packs.

My best advice would be to keep leveling with the ferelden challenge and collect the rares for consuming while hoping for the best with the packs you buy with your gold
Gt Supernova King
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