How to: determine if my Unit/Unit type is good?

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For team building ideas kindly refer to Kon2714's guide.

I have been hearing alot about hei is my unit/unit type/unit composition good/bad. So I've decided to write a little walkthrough to guide people on how to see if your unit is a good unit.

Q: Is My 3*/4*/5* unit Good?

Units that can reach 5* (some may have future evolution so hold your horses) is in general worth leveling(depending on circumstances which will be explained next), Period. Their potential stats will in general be higher, they will have higher levels and last but not least almost all of the 5* units are drawn cool.

Q: Then how to determine if my potential 5* unit which is 3* is good?

Firstly, the more recent the addition, chances are the higher the overall stats the unit will have. Examples is Dean has WAY more stats then the initial release powerhouse units like Alice. So if your unit number is in the 220s+ Chances are it is good. Meaning the higher the overall stats/ the better it is. Examples are Lorland, Loch, dean, edea, Alice.

Dont know if your unit has higher overall stats? No worries, even if it's overall stats isn't that high, it can still be a powerhouse. Since the more focused your unit's stats is in one area, the better it is when it has the correct unit type. Yes, units that fufill a specific role can be assigned spheres easier and have distinct type advantages against balanced stat units.

Which comes to the MAIN point the unit type must fit its unit role/ stats. Meaning a defensive unit should have guardian as a unit type and a offensive type breaker. Let us look at the basics first.

The basics about unit stats:

HP Determine a units ability to absorb more damage per turn.
Attack Determine a units ability to deal damage
Defense Determine a units ability to reduce damage taken.
Recovery Determine a units ability to restore HP from ALL sources and increase Brave Burst quickly.

There are 4 unit types.

Lord All stats grow from base stats.
Anima HP gain increased by a certain %, while REC gain is reduced by a certain %.
Breaker ATK gain increased by a certain %, while DEF gain is reduced by a certain %
Guardian DEF gain increased by a certain %, while ATK gain is reduced by a certain %
Oracle REC gain increased by a certain %, while HP gain is reduced by a certain %
Rex All stats will be extremely high (only for gm)

(From wikia

To illustrate my earlier point, let us look at a water unit Loch Ness.

Base 2,646 637 985 462
Overall stats wo hp. (2084)
Max 4,125 970 1,354 783
Overall stats wo hp. (3044)

This is his base stats without ANY modifications. Now let us have see a what a 20% guardian will do to the base stats and the max stats.

Base 2,646 509 1182 462
Overall stats wo hp. (2153)
Max 4,125 776 1624 783
Overall stats wo hp. (3184)

Basically, this means that with the right type, your unit's overall stats will be alot higher since unit type can varies to as high as 30+% (I havent seen higher so if someone has a 50% kindly tell us) and it can fulfill it's role even better. So when you summon a unit, the first thing you should see is what is the unit's highest stat and what type it is. If it is the correct type, it's a spot on but if it's the exact opposite of your unit stats, then that unit is meh. Which is bad.
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-={Unit Basics}=-

Units basically fufill 4 roles.


These are the bread and butter of arena matches. They rely purely on attack stat and some hp to survive. They can't tank and are often wiped easily. They work best in mono teams as with +50% attack with mono leader's skill and +50% attack from murasame, the first round of the arena match would probably see a death or 2, and if your team is powerful enough maybe even 3.

In quests or PVM, their effectiveness is limited since bosses have high hp and multiple aoe attack, A full team of DPS may lead to a quick wipe of your potions.Thus, seals are often needed if your team consist of solely offense in PVE.


Tanks do well in PVM, they can soak dmg, survive even with multiple aoe hits. They are less preferred though but should not be overlooked in team composition especially in PVM where a team should have one or 2 to maximize effectiveness.


Healer are literally the MOST important units in PVM. Potions are limited and they help you save them up for important rounds. In fact having 2 healers may even be a good idea especially since you can alternate the heals for maximum survivability and some of them even have buffs(I believe the buffs are around 20% effectiveness but need confirmation.)


Balanced units have balanced stats. They generally can fulfill any role with the correct unit type.
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Note that there are variations in unit stats other than those caused by type.

e.g. Two Breaker Loch Nesses can have fairly different stats at max level.
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Yeap that's why it's difficult to tell if you just come and say, Hei I got so and so unit, is it good. We need more information and now, you can determine it for yourself =)
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Great info! I've got 4 troops that can be 5 stars Champian Aem, Inventor Elulu, Lancia, and Burning Vargas. Should I take the time to level them all up to 5 star?
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Cephditoren posted...
Great info! I've got 4 troops that can be 5 stars Champian Aem, Inventor Elulu, Lancia, and Burning Vargas. Should I take the time to level them all up to 5 star?

Well, if you want to build a team refer to kon's guide

But yes. a full 5* team with correct team build is important to survive late game quests.
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