is it me or does jumping lag in mario challenges?

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User Info: Silentdaze

3 years ago#11
I think people experiencing this, myself included, should post about it to Miiverse. Maybe Nintendo will notice and work on a patch. They seem to pay attention to what people post on Miiverse (Of course...emailing them might be just as effective...)

I know you are saying it just takes some adjustment, but its incredibly frustrating to me. I completely stopped playing all of the SMB challenges due to it.
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User Info: LonelyGoomba

3 years ago#12
I also think its laggy

I know SMB like the back of my hand and, it feels off.
I didn't wanna say anything incase it was just me but, yeh.

I miss jumps ive never even thought about before.
It feels stiff and delayed
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User Info: Lemmywinks13

3 years ago#13
Playing on my Gamepad feels perfect but on the tv is laggy for me too.
Dark RPG Wizard 06 3 years ago#14
There is something like a frame or two of input lag, but that's enough to completely screw everything up. Took me forever to nail some of the rainbow challenges.
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User Info: sdkess

3 years ago#15
It lags for me too, and I was watching the GamePad, not my TV screen. I just played the NES game, and there is a noticeable difference in response between the two games. I was able to manage, but it was annoying to someone like me who is a veteran on the NES game.
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User Info: fatpat268

3 years ago#16
Obviously the gamepad lags, it's streaming video to the gamepad. The gamepad will always lag behind whats on your TV screen (unless you have a particularly laggy TV). You notice it the most in games that require more precision in their controls, like SMB.

User Info: MEFreak1984

3 years ago#17
In the Mario Bros. Arcade Game - yes. SMB - Not really
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User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#18
I'm 31 as well, so I know how it should feel and I notice it in SMB, without question when attempting last second jumps. It's not my TV because I have SMB on my Wii emu and it works perfect.
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User Info: Cheezeman3000

3 years ago#19
Can also confirm, the game is laggy. Yes, the gamepad has a minimal amount of inherent lag, but as stated before, the VC version of SMB plays pretty much flawlessly. I had to retry about 20 times the first time I did a full SMB level because my jumps weren't nearly as responsive as they should be. Hope Nintendo patches this!
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User Info: RaisinBizzle

3 years ago#20
MEFreak1984 posted...
In the Mario Bros. Arcade Game - yes. SMB - Not really

I thought maybe it was because that game just has poor controls in general. I am not that familiar with this version which seems different from the SMB3 version and the version included with all of the GBA games
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