playing starcraft on window mode

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8 years ago#1
is there any program that allows me to play starcraft on
window mode?
and will i get banned if i use it?
8 years ago#2
There sure is.

And you sure won't.
Together, but separate. Like oatmeal.
8 years ago#3
hey thanx :D
8 years ago#4
Didn't check the link, but if it's that scloader2b thing I've downloaded once from teamliquid I think, I'll just have to say that Starcraft on windowed mode is slow man... if you've got a somewhat modern computer with good specs I guess you won't have problems but if you have a ****ty *** computer like mine or my school's, you're in for some trouble :)
8 years ago#5
dont see much of an advantage of running SC in windows mode
SC = Instant Win
8 years ago#6
Well *obviously* it's so that you can chat on AIM and check messageboards on GameFAQs along with getting live updates on your APM while playing.

Sheesh, newbs. [/sarcasm]

8 years ago#7
or i can run 7 starcraft window
then make an ally with them then
destory my friends base
8 years ago#8
good luck getting multiple starcrafts to run at the same time
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