Best Open RPG?

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7 years ago#1
I know of Quest, Medieval (which lags a lot for some mental reason), Legends, and Dark Isle. Legends really got me bored after takin over the map with cannons. ANy really good ones out there?
7 years ago#2
The starcraft oen
SC = Instant Win
7 years ago#3
Probably Quests, atleast that game ends after a few hours. Legacy (I think sometimes called Legends 2) should have been pretty good, but it sucks because your minerals go up so slowly. So you could be slaying ultras for 30 minutes, then rest in town not killing anything for an hour and your minerals would still be going up, because it's still processing all the minerals you should have gained from killing ultras.

I recall playing something called Adventures Open and Medieval Open, but I can't remember at all how the maps were like. I remember Medieval being pretty good, but I can't remember it at all

Overall, most of the open RPGs I've played were sloppily made and have some broken or stupid triggers. For example, in the Legacy Open one that I talked about above, there are guild quests where you have to kill X monster. If another player happens to kill that monster first, you're stuck. Or so I'm told, I've never got stuck like that but had other people get stuck. But I have gotten far enough in one of the guilds that it just stopped giving me quests, and I think it's due to it not acknowledging that I accomplished it, rather than me finishing it. Quests is very clean, and although there's one item in the game that gives an unfair advantage to people that just simply know the map, the triggers actually work

Though near the end, I know there are some choices that you make that can lead to an auto-loss. Never tested what happens if you fail with allies. Don't know if they auto-lose too. That would kinda be unfair
has mad skeelz
7 years ago#4
Just you lose I think, but it is stupid that it auto loses, especially because one of the questions is fairly unclear as to which answer is the right one.

Though what item would that be Sushi? It's been ages since I've played, I can't think of anything that buff, other than mass upgrading shields + placing cannons on the Muta/Ultra island.

Do you mean having the Reaver real early? Or that jail that doubles your income?
7 years ago#5
The income. It's not really fair for one person to be getting more money than everyone else

But part of the fun is getting all the good spots and being uber and better than everyone else
has mad skeelz
7 years ago#6
Ya, getting lurkers/fbats at spawn locations = gg
7 years ago#7
Though near the end, I know there are some choices that you make that can lead to an auto-loss. Never tested what happens if you fail with allies. Don't know if they auto-lose too. That would kinda be unfair

Yeah, if you make the wrong choices, everyone gets game over. Kind of lame, especially since there's really no way of knowing what answers they're looking for, aside from trial and error... And who wants to redo a several-hours-long grindfest just to figure out a pop quiz? :P
It's too easy to find the trigger spot by accident, though. It's unmarked and you could stumble across it while exploring and assuming it's just part of the scenery. Of course, it also seems that you can't find it when you're actually looking for it, but maybe that's just me.

Also, if you REALLY want to be unfair and break the game, get your character strong enough to one/two-shot the other players, then un-ally them and kill them, and then spawncamp them at the beginning town. It's especially mean with the Ghost character because they can't even fight back.
Either that or get a few Dark Archons and start MCing them. And the bosses. And anything/everything that's not invincible.

*Resumes lurking. No, not like a morphed Hydralisk.*
Protoss is clearly the new alliance race for WoW.
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7 years ago#8
I remember a guy betraying me. I ended up killing him with wraiths while he wasn't looking
has mad skeelz
7 years ago#9
Alright I'm playing Quest 2.1, any secrets? I'm pre sure there's something up with the gas pipes in the first town you're in. I'd realllly like to know sum pwn ass tricks
7 years ago#10
There's this thing near the middle that you can buy that gives you more money

There's an empty base on the left side of the map that you can buy for a cheaper price than the castle takeovers (best place to get if you want to start building a town)

Noobs like to buy the inns because OMG it's free money and free healing (I think you get reimbursed for the healing). In reality, you get peanuts for it and the squiddly 100 or so minerals is so easy to come by that it's a gigantic waste of time. And I'm pretty sure you lose it if someone buys the town. So yeah, don't buy the inn

Other than that, play it like any open RPG map. Find a good spot, camp, watch your money go up, watch TV, watch your money go up more, then get 800 units and win
has mad skeelz

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