Where is the great book of unknowing?

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8 years ago#1
I got this quest from Shaella but I can't actually find the book so does this mean I found the book?

This is actually a serious question as the whole concept beind her is you can't know things and in order to see clearly you need to see the mists obscuring what you can't see (she's really weird even by my standards). The book of unknowing apparently makes you forget having found it so in theory by not finding it I have found and forgotten I've found it perhaps several times if you see what I mean. So I'd like to know if this is just a weird quest or if I'm missing something.
8 years ago#2
I've never even heard of Shaella. Where does this quest take place?
8 years ago#3
I did some searching on google and came across this for you.

Quest Get the "Book of Unknowing" from deep in the library of Candlekeep

Quest giver Shaella

Quest giver location Blade & Stars (Area-B, #63)

Quest solution Unknown at present, perhaps there is no solution? I have only finished Chapter 5 so far.

While completing Chapter 6, I was unable to find the "Book of Unknowing" in Candlekeep. I did however find one "Normal Book" on the first level of the Candlekeep Library. I tested, but this is not the book that Shaella wants. In fact, whether you have even been to Candlekeep or not, if you take the conversation path with Shaella (in either Chapter 5 or 7) that you have searched Candlekeep and cannot find the book, she tells you that "the lady has been kind to you for you have found it". Quest solved? No reward! RED HERRING!
Quest notes This may well be a red herring. When you talk to Shaella, if you take the path of confusion and not knowing, she will give you this quest.

Perhaps that will help.

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8 years ago#4
Hmmmmm I'm guessing its a know by not knowing situation then thanks.

Shaella's in the blade and stars south east section of baldurs gate, if you take the non-insulting who, what, I don't understand conversation path she asks you to find the book of uknowing that you forget in finding.
8 years ago#5
mentioned in Duncan Clay's FAQ...
8 years ago#6
I use DSimpsons or game banshee's normally which one is duncan clay's as they're all user identified (dixxo, lugnutz, cybermouse etc) please.
8 years ago#7
Naranek Angmar.


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8 years ago#8
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