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7 years ago#1
Ok me and my friend are tryin to lan it up but we cant get it to work.
My friend can make and join games but i can't
When I create a game my screen goes black and sound stops and it just sits there till i close it with the task manager.
When I try to join the screen goes black but the music keeps playing.
Ive waited for like 20 minutes thinking it was just slow but nothing ever happens.
When I close it, it says that the program wasnt responding.

We both have the exact same versions of both games both patched and we are using tutu.

Help plz!
7 years ago#2
What operating system are you using?
A good friend will help you move. A really good friend will help you move a body.
7 years ago#3
Nvm i fixed it.
So me and my friend started a multiplayer game and played like 20 minutes before we found ourselves quite bored..
We couldn't really follow the story and it felt like the only thing for us to do was just to go out and kill enemies.

Anybody else find multiplayer kinda boring?
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