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7 years ago#1
Ok, I'm in Cloakwood and picked up Coran. He's got the quest with killing wyverns and selling their heads to the leader of the temple east of Beregost. I went into the cave in Cloakwood area 4, killed the wyverns in there, and took the wyvern heads. I then went to the temple and spoke to the person, but there was no special dialogue about the wyvern heads. I went to the buying/selling screen to see if I could sell it manually, but I can't. Now the quest remains undone, and Coran may leave. Why is the dialogue not there?

I have Tutu and the NPC mod (the one that adds a lot more content and banters to NPCs) Is this a glitch or did I do something wrong here?
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7 years ago#2
I think just killing the wyverns clears the quest and keeps him in the party.
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7 years ago#3
Actually, just killing the wyverns are not enough. Even after I killed them, he reminded me that we still have to kill them. He acts as if I didn't do it... damn AI.
A shame that the new gamers of this time may never experience the classic games in the past.
7 years ago#4
It's probably a glitch, or whatever you're supposed to call it when a piece of code gets skipped for whatever reason. This happens, unfortunately, relatively often in the BG games and there really isn't much you can do except double-checking that you did not miss one of them (not likely) and failing that, reloading an old save.
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7 years ago#5
You should be able to do this quest even without Coran in your party or killing the specific wyverns in that cave. I've often completed the quest by taking the head of a wyvern from a wandering monster encounter to the temple of Lathander outside Beregost.

You did take the head to the temple of Lathander and not somewhere else, I assume.

If that's not the issue, then yeah, it must be a bug. On the up side, Officer Vai will buy those heads too, granted at half the rate paid by the priest. This doesn't help with Coran's quest either - he'll be dissatisfied until you talk to Keldath Ormlyr, or whatever his name is.
7 years ago#6
I had the same problem and cured it with the following console command:

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7 years ago#7
Actually, i just ran into the same problem, I think. He hasn't left yet, but has been talking about killing wyverns though we already got the reward with Coran in the party. I don't recall this ever happening before, so I'm wondering if it's something to do with Baldurdash (the only mod I'm currently using).

In any case, consider my earlier post revised appropriately : )
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