Where to store items?

#1kmitsukiPosted 5/30/2009 7:24:19 AM
Where can I store items that I dont want to carry around with my party?
Simply use any chest? Will they respawn like in Obliviion with the contents gone?
#2GateaholicPosted 5/30/2009 8:39:14 AM
Any container is safe storage for your items - they do not respawn. Just don't leave items on the ground or they will be gone in less than a day of dame time.
#3f4rMPosted 5/30/2009 2:59:38 PM
Decent place preBG is the barrel just outside the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. It's at the very bottom of the map, so if you enter from the south you're right there. If you're heading from the north, hit the area just south of Beregost, then head north (it is the same exact traveling time, as Beregost and Area south of Beregost is 0 distance).
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#4roduPosted 5/31/2009 12:49:04 PM
there's a cave west of Naskel, that has a chest that I always used to store stuff in
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