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User Info: juhamieto

7 years ago#1
Hmm. So I'm freshly out of Nashkel Mines and this mad mage throws some mustard jellies at me. Problem is, every single item I have is ineffective against them. Except for Imoen's fire arrows that do 1 damage and even if they didn't attack back I wouldn't have enough arrows to kill them both. What on Earth do I have to hit them with? Monster Encyclopedia for bg2 lists them immune only to piercing damage?!

User Info: wirts_leg_

7 years ago#2
They have 100% piercing resistance and are immune to non-magical weapons. That means you need a magical slashing and/or blunt weapon to hit them.

The fire arrows are magical arrows+1 that do additional fire damage. Arrows of course are piercing, so all the base arrow damage is negated, and only the fire damage gets through.

You should have at least a few magical weapons by this point. Silke in Beregost drops a quarterstaff+1 and Greywolf drops a longsword+2.

User Info: juhamieto

7 years ago#3
Ah, thanks for the fast response. I did have the +2 long sword. I suppose an off-hand hit gave me the faulty weapon report when I tried it. Any other + weapons I might've acquired earlier I've sold away.

Anyway, the battle was still tough. I had my monk use the sword and score hits (he had 1 star in long swords, 1 star in 1-handed combat - better than either of my real fighters) while Kagain took the hits and Jaheira cured his poison nonstop. Eventually I ran out of healing potions and that crazy dwarf lost his cool, attacking party members. Luckily I managed to kill the last jelly quickly so I could focus on running away. I guess I'll have to try to find remove fear spell before anything bad happens.

User Info: Ray_678

7 years ago#4
I simply killed the mage and drew the jellys away, then sent someone back to loot the goods :3

User Info: Latronis

7 years ago#5
I wouldn't go selling magical weapons early on....

A short sword does 1-6 damage. But the +1 dagger does 2-5 (same average damage) uses the same profs (without tutu) and is going to hit more often.

It's even more pronounced going from a bastard sword (2d4) to a +1 longsword (1d8+1)

And then there are a few foes who need magical weapons to hit.
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