Why won't Minsc join?

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7 years ago#1
First time playing BG (via tutu), but I've done SoA many times, and I want Minsc!

Unfortunately, he has nothing to say to me. The first time we met there were a couple of lines of dialog but he didn't offer to join or ask for help; now, nothing. I've done the mines and the bandit stronghold,a and came back for him (again), but no luck.

What did I miss?
7 years ago#2
Not sure. I'm guessing it was a path in the very first conversation you had with him that you didn't take that's doing it, but that's just a guess. You could always just go out to the gnoll fortress and grab Dynaheir, if you can get her in your group Minsc should join up once you get back to Nashkel.
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7 years ago#3
I sure didn't see any likely joinup paths, but I suppose it's possible.

At the moment my only other fighter is Khalid (my main is a R/C), and Jaheira's driving me nuts, so I'm eager to make a switch; If saving Dynaheir will do it, fine, but I hate to assume that will work.
7 years ago#4
Maybe you had a rotten reaction roll when you talked to Minsc (i.e. had very low charisma or reputation)
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7 years ago#5
Could be my charisma is 6 (rep was fine, alignment NG).

I tried shadowkeepering the "MINSC" variable: it's listed as 1, and I tried values of zero and 1, and deleting the variable; nothing. Unfortunately I can't console him in because I can't get the console to come up. (Yes, I added "Debug Mode=1 to the .ini file". It looks like I'm stuck without him.
7 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure saving Dynaheir will get him to join.
7 years ago#7
I think it was charisma Kivan just blew me off too, but when I shadowkeepered the charisma up, he was willing to join. Having Imoen (char = 16) make the initial contact was good enough too.

Unfortunately it doesn't work with Minsc it must be that the initial encounter determines his later reactions. We'll have to see what happens when (if) I can find Dynaheir.
7 years ago#8
... and that's confirmed Minsc was automatically added to the party when I entered Nashkel with Dynaheir at the party he didn't even say anything about it.
7 years ago#9
In general, it's a bad idea to have your party leader be below 10 charisma or so. You miss out on a bunch of stuff, at least in BG1. It's not as big a problem in BG2, though.
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7 years ago#10
in my game i think i had 27 charisma, no cheats.

max charisma + algernon cloak + friends spell.

could be wrong
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