Baldur's Gate 100% Efficient Run (no glitches, canon party, and IMO, no cheese)

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5 years ago#1
RTA means "Real Time Attack", which means that resetting is allowed, but it's counted against your overall time. And when I say "no cheese", I mean no strategies that someone couldn't realistically use in real life. So, running away and sniping away with arrows? That's allowed because I can picture someone in real life doing that. Taking advantage of the A.I.? Well, as long as it isn't anything TOO outlandish, yes.

For example, having Imoen sneak up on an archer, attack him with a melee weapon so that he'll switch to his and not use poison arrows, then have the main character snipe him with arrows as Imoen runs away is a tactic used in the route I have devised, because again, I can picture someone doing that in real life.

Also, reloading if you fail to learn a spell is something I choose to do, because frankly, I cannot fathom the concept of having a scroll disappear into midair if you fail to learn it. I just don't see how that works, I mean, unless the scroll literally has magic inside it, and you're trying to absorb that magic, I just don't see how you're destroying it just by trying to learn it. But I dunno, maybe it's some sort of DnD thing that I'm missing.

But entering and exiting a building/cave/what-have-you in order to drain the spells of mages is not allowed, being as that is not realistic (the spell should follow you inside). Switching armor in the middle of combat is also not allowed, given that putting on armor is something that should be extremely time consuming. Killing Firebeard and exploiting the various glitches in Candlekeep is definitely not allowed for obvious reasons. Finally, doing things that are against your characters alignment is also a no-no.

Also note that this is a play-through through the VANILLA version of the game. So, here's the route I have devised so far, could you please let me know if there are any improvements to be made? I would like this very much.

Character Creation:
Sex: Male

Race: Elf (for the bonus to Long Bows and for the higher Dexterity)

Class: Fighter/Mage (Of course. And frankly, it's not possible to do all that I want to do in any kind of efficient and practical way without this class).

Spells: Friends and Shield (Shield is self-explanatory, and I get Friends to get the quest rewards I want).

Alignment: Lawful Good (high reputation, and it seems logical enough given your upbringing).

Abilities: 18/9x-18/00 Strength, 19 Dexterity, 17 Constitution, 10 Intelligence, 3 Wisdom, 13 Charisma (I personally don't believe it's 100% without the maximum quest rewards, which is basically the only reason why I put any points in Charisma at all. Note though, that you can easily take points out of Charisma, put it into Intelligence, and then just dual class Imoen into a mage with the Friends spell, give her the Charisma tome, and just get every quest reward that way. But, since I'm doing a "canon" play-through, I'm waiting until Level 8 to Dual Class Imoen).

Skills: 2+ to Long Bows, 2+ to Blunt Weapons (This route gets Ashideena's Warhammer very early, plus, there aren't as many resistances to blunt weapons as there are to Long Swords I hear.)

Name: Abdel

Appearance: For what it's worth, I choose all grey, as I picture Abdel to be very pragmatic and cautious, therefore, he doesn't want to stand out too much.

Buy some Crossbolts and talk to Firebeard, go through Gorion's place, kill Shank, cast Friends spell, give Fuller his Crossbolts as you get the Antidote and Hull's Sword, then go counter-clockwise around Candlekeep from the Barracks doing everything (making sure you have Friends still on you as you talk to Hull) until you find yourself back at Winthrope's. Cast Friends on you again, then buy a Composite Long Bow, a Large Shield, a Helmet, and as many Arrows as you can.
In simplicity is perfection
5 years ago#2
Lion's Path
Get Imoen and get the treasure left behind in the scuffle between Gorion and Armored Figure. Go south to High Hedge.

High Hedge
Cast Shield, make sure Abdel is at the front, and go kill the Gnoll's at Thalantyr's place, also killing any Skeleton's you run across (they are pretty dangerous though, which is why you have Shield right away). Recruit Kivan and go west to Shipwreck's Coast, stopping to kill the Spider along the way.

Shipwreck's Coast
Here, you are introduced to wolves, some of them quite nasty. As long as you don't save and reload here, I don't think you should be unlucky enough to run into more than two Dire or Warg Wolves, so the way I deal with these guys is have Imoen and Abdel snipe at them until they get close, then have Imoen draw their attention and run off somewhere. Abdel then shoots them with arrows as they chase Imoen around.

You know that oval shaped bunch of forests to the east of Shoal and Droth? Make sure that way is clear of enemies, then have Kivan talk to Shoal. After Kivan gets revived, make sure Abdel and Imoen are far away as Droth approaches. Then, when you start your fight with him, have Kivan attack Droth with a spear as Imoen and Abdel attack Droth from afar. As soon as Droth puts Kivan to Sleep, spare the poor guy a grisly death by Reforming your party so that he's not in it, and pelt Droth until he runs out of spells.

Imoen and Abdel hit often enough that I think his spells can be interrupted reliably. I suppose if you really want to ensure victory, you can use the Potion of Speed on Abdel, though I prefer to save it for the Doomslayer. In any case, once Droth starts chasing you, the fight is pretty much in the bag, as for some inexplicable reason, Droth seems to have trouble navigating the batch of trees that you should run laps around as you chip away at his health. Anyway, Imoen should get a level here, so if you're like me, and wait till Level 8 to Dual Class Imoen, put all points in Stealth, otherwise, put them into Find Traps and Open Locks. You'll want something like 60-70% in both before Dual Classing, right? I plan on doing Tales of the Sword Coast as well, and also plan on importing the characters, so this is something I'd like to know. Equip the Helmet of Defense, do the other two quests, rest, then go back to High Hedge.

High Hedge
Here, I am somewhat conflicted on what to spend money on at High Hedge. Get Mirror Image, Protection from Evil, and Sleep for sure, but after that, I'm not entirely sure what the best option is. Should I spend all my money on Healing Potions, or perhaps I should Acid Arrows to grind on more Flesh Golems at the Lighthouse? I remember taking a lot of damage going through this route, but was that due to carelesness or not? I can't remember, but anyways, go south to Red Canyons, and make sure you replace Armor and Friends with two Sleep spells (Abdel should've leveled up by now).

Red Canyons
This is where things start to get rather tricky. The hardest part is dealing with the Hobgoblin trio that attacks you. You could just surrender, but seeing as how Abdel is Lawful Good, he would want to remove the threat of bandits, which means fighting them.

I know for certain that if you're quick enough, you can draw away the Melee Hobgoblin and one of the Acid Arrow Hobgoblin's away from the other Hobgoblin.

Now, I made this part of the route before figuring out the Wolf trick I mentioned before, so I'm not totally sure if you can manipulate the Hobgoblin Archer in the same way, but if you can, I believe the best thing to do would be to have Imoen draw the two away, then have Abdel cast the Sleep spell, and hope that it lands.
In simplicity is perfection
5 years ago#3
Or, just buy an extra Mirror Image scroll and use that I guess. Further testing will definitely be needed.

But in any case, after dealing with those two, kill the remaining archer using the "Imoen backstab, then run as Abdel snipes" trick I mentioned in the first post, then kill Bassilus, who's fortunately pretty simple compared to the Hobgoblin's. After picking up Bassilus's armor, head west into the Lighthouse.

Now this is probably the most dangerous part of the run here, but if you're precise, careful, and prepared, you should succeed without having to reset. Make sure you have two Protection from Evil spells memorized as soon as you go pass Safana (who we pass up), have Abdel take the lead, and kill the Hobgoblin Archers there. These guys aren't nearly as dangerous as the Hobgoblin Elite's we faced in Red Canyons, and they don't have Poison Arrows, so these guys should go down, though you may have to down a Healing Potion or two.

Also, be extremely careful as you're fighting them, as a Sirine could show up while you do so. If one does before the archers are dead, just run like mad in the opposite direction. Otherwise, with the Protection from Evil spell still on, head slowly onto the beach with Abdel in the lead, and stop the moment you see a Sirine. Have Abdel and Imoen shoot it with arrows, and if it isn't dead by the time it's tried to cast it's second spell, have Abdel rush in with the hammer equipped and beat it until it's dead while Imoen runs in the other direction.

If you did this correctly, you should engage one Sirine, which will uselessly cast it's Charm spells on Abdel, wear out it's spells, then have Abdel fighting it close range while Imoen runs away, therefore ensuring that it will not use it's Poison Arrows. Of course, things can get dicey if you run into a whole pack of Sirines. If you can't get them to separate, then consider running to a place away from them, recharging your Protection from Evil spells, then try again. Note that even should you rest in the same place the Hobgoblin Archers were, they will still always respawn there the moment you go far enough away from that place, so make sure you kill them again before hunting for more Sirines.

The reason we're doing this is both because of how much experience they give, and because we're trying to gather Poison Arrows to kill Flesh Golems with in the cave that's in this area. There are four total Sirines, three of them bunched on a beach, and one slightly to the north of the beach on that thin path, so kill them, then make your way to the cave.

After killing the Carrion Crawler, have Abdel solo Sil and her two other minions, having Imoen backstab the one Abdel's attacking in order to help him out. I've tried to have a method where Abdel lures Sil away from the others, have Sil killed, then have Abdel run in and finish off the other two Sirines, but they seem to always use up their spells and whip out the Poison Arrows before Abdel can close in, so this is the best method I know of. I don't remember whether or not Mirror Image becomes available for use at this point.

After that, get the treasure in the cave, have Abdel fire Acid Arrows at a Flesh Golem, and when he gets poisoned, have Abdel run out of sight. For some reason, whenever one is poisoned, and you get far enough away that he stops chasing, he'll completely freeze up and shudder as he takes damage, even if you run back up and start whaling on him with the hammer. So grind on the Flesh Golems until you run out of Acid Arrows, then go and complete the lighthouse quest with your newfound castings of Mirror Image. Go south to the Archaeological Sight.
In simplicity is perfection
5 years ago#4
Mental note, I've changed my mind about what to make Abdel. Instead of an Elf with 17 Constitution and 19 Dexterity, he is now a Half-Elf with 18 to both stats.

This is because Abdel is canonically supposed to be a Human. However, I find it incredibly stupid that humans are not able to Multi-Class, seeing as how I can't find any logical reason why someone shouldn't be able to strengthen both their physical and magical abilities without suddenly developing amnesia when switching from one to the other.

I mean seriously, Abdel has both Gorion and the various guardsmen at Candlekeep as trainers, so why shouldn't he be getting training from both? So, this is why I choose the Half-Elf instead, so that I can get the stats that a Human would have and still Multi-Class.
In simplicity is perfection
5 years ago#5
the book is NON-canon, since it does stuff that isn't even possible in the game, and was written by a moron. You can literally transcribe your journal entries and make a much more interesting story then that hunk of crap.
5 years ago#6
Really? Interesting. Then I have a question. If you were to guess at what race the main character is, then what race is he? I'm guessing he's human since Sarevok is a human, and they are related...
In simplicity is perfection
5 years ago#7
They are not able to multi-class for metagame balance reasons. You are correct that it makes no sense.
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