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4 years ago#1

I have always like to play this game because I heard it's one of the best RPG-games for PC. I saw that an enhanced edition have been released but I heard from reviews that it was pretty bad and buggy. So should I just get the original from GOG and mod it or should I buy the enhanced edition? I know it's cheaper on GOG but I'm willing to pay some more for the enhanced it it really improves the game.

Thanks in advance!
4 years ago#2
The EE is extremely buggy right now. They have already released several patches, but it is still very buggy.

The only truly new things in the EE are three new companions and a rather sucky fight arena. The Black Pits was advertised as being a new adventure sidequest that would be over six hours long. In reality, its not a sidequest at all, but rather a fight arena where you fight 15 different fights and that's it. It took me less than two hours to get through it. Remember the Battle Squares from Icewind Dale 2? That's basically what it is.

The rest of the "enhancements" are all fan-made mods that are available for free.

Basically these mods:

Tutu mod
widescreen mod
1pp mod

Use those mods and you basically can make your own EE.
4 years ago#3
Thanks, I will buy it on GOG then :)

Do you recommend tuto-mod over the trilogy WeiDU-mod?
And what does 1pp mod do?
4 years ago#4
I'd recommend Trilogy myself. Tutu has a lot of support and I've tried it once, but it'd probably be best to check individual features since a lot will depend on personal preference.

1pp basically restores various icons/avatars/paperdolls to their BG versions as opposed to the BG2. I never understood the appeal of this, at first the BG2 look bugged me, but after a while the originals just look so boring and plain in comparison.

EDIT~On the topic of modding, assuming you're not too experienced then it might be an idea to use the Big World Setup. It's generally for megamodding to assure some compatibility, so you may be somewhat swamped by the choices since there are hundreds of mods and thousands of components, but they are very well categorised so that helps a lot. And you don't need to use it for megamodding, the only things it has to install are a few fixpacks and stuff, everything else is optional. It also leads you through conflicts and installs the whole thing for you, all you need to do is a clean, full BG+BG2 install and then install the official patch for it, then open the BWS program and it'll walk you through everything else.
4 years ago#5
Unless your computer has issues with the game, I'd actually recommend no-mods aside from the fixpack. All the BG2-engine mods and EE grossly change the overall experience (and not really for the better), and it's best to try it without any modifications first.
4 years ago#6
How does EE change the overall experience? They didn't really remove anything, nor did they add much. I can understand how it'd be slightly altered, but 'grossly' so?

And it's up to you really, I'd advise you to at least look around at some mods first, just to see if anything catches your eye. There are some features which you'll likely want to improve off the bat in addition to fixpacks. There's nothing wrong with being a purist but there's not too much point in it either.
4 years ago#7
Tutu changes the experience rather drastically (different weapon proficiency system, monk/sorcerer/barbarian and all the kits that BG2 added, and a ton of extra spells) and EE basically has Tutu in it no?
The slow blade penetrates the shield.
4 years ago#8
True, but you don't have to use the weapon styles or kits if you don't want to do so. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to use them. Extra spells like Stoneskin are not added into the game loot or shops anywhere so the only way you can obtain them is by using a sorcerer. I believe the EE added the spells to the game's loot and shops but Tutu itself did not.
4 years ago#9
They also change spawns. In Tutu, you get like 12 mobs every single spawn (mildly annoying for experienced players, and downright game ending for noobs), in EE, you almost always only get 1 or 2, which drastically reduces the challenge and makes for a ridiculously boring game.

And yeah, they did add the new spells to shops or as enemy drops or random loot. Familars though are still brokenly powerful. The only one they nerf'd was the Imp cause it's 1 per day PMS was literally murdering everything from the moment you got it.

A few spells had their effects changed. Totemic summons scale based on level, so they're not damn near unkillable like they are in tutu. And Animate dead's effect changed. At first it was summoning , sometimes 2 ghasts per spell which was ridiculously overpowered. Now it summons a level scaled skeleton warrior that gets progressively stronger and more magic resistant as it approaches the 15+ version, I've played around with it and it does feel quite nice, just useful enough to be worth the slot, but not overpoweringly so. That change I actually didn't mind since as anyone that's used -15 animate dead in BG2 can attest, it's a waste of a slot in that form.
4 years ago#10
Regarding the mob spawns, its supposed to be a random roll. However, Tutu always maximizes the roll. That's why you get so many mobs in Tutu. I don't really mind it though. It doesn't affect the difficulty that much.
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