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Theories on the Arkham Knight?
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So who else thinks the Arkham Knight is going to be...
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Ben Affleck as Batman? (Poll)
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New details and screenshots.Lichtschwert18/13 11:47AM
How do you think this game will end?
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Wouldn't mind seeing a murdeous Batman already
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Red Hood story pack leakedJust_a_loser38/5 6:40PM
For Some Reason, I Just Can't Take Batman Seriously (V1)... (Archived)
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Matrix is Poo predicted this game in 2009. Link Inisde (Archived)MartiMcFly37/6 5:40PM
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a bit of new info from gameinformer (Archived)
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Saw this somewhere else, figure ask here.. what hero should rocksteady do next? (Poll)
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Bruce Wayne you have failed this city. (Archived)FinalFantazyv236/25 10:58AM
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