Are YOU hyped for this game?

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User Info: xliner

2 years ago#1
All aboard! - Results (445 votes)
64.72% (288 votes)
14.83% (66 votes)
Not yet.
14.16% (63 votes)
6.29% (28 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Always have to add an other option.

The more I hear about this game (that's not Athena's skills) gets me wanting to play it.
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User Info: VampLordAdamaru

2 years ago#2
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2 years ago#3
Considering I'm still playing Borderlands 1 and 2 to this day, I'm pretty much ecstatic that I'm getting new content to play. I also can't wait for Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 as well.
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User Info: ZarnonElchris

2 years ago#4
Yes! More BL2 would be good enough to get me hyped. More BL2 with new characters, lasers and low gravity makes my pants shorter.

User Info: Phanamosayus

2 years ago#5
Yes and no.


Just a Big DLC. Only buying because I have a lot of money.
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User Info: ArcaneZombie

2 years ago#6

I've already pre-ordered it.
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User Info: Scene911

2 years ago#7
Yeah, with every bit of info they make you think the game releases next week. I the know the month it comes out and everything but my brain refuses to process that fact. So it is kind of funny to still hold that excitement.

User Info: NekoZam

2 years ago#8
Yes. It's the game I'm probably most excited to get even among Destiny, Smash Bros, and a few others, even knowing that it's basically a big BL2 expansion pack. BL3 is also probably what will finally convince me to get a PS4 or Xbone. I've lost interest in most video gaming at this point, but Borderlands is still one of the few series I still care about.
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User Info: Reaper

2 years ago#9
Yes! Now that I've seen more of it in action and the adjusted skill system, I am all for it.
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User Info: Futureops-

2 years ago#10
LOL you shouldn't ask something like that. I am getting blown up by the gameplay vids.
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