So...Nisha> Athena> Wilhelm?

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Where did u guys find the skill trees layout?
Official site doesn't have them... ;-;
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NihilMada posted...
Where did u guys find the skill trees layout?
Official site doesn't have them... ;-;

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Go on IGN Nihil they have the skill videos and some gameplay for every character except Claptrap.
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GujinKami posted...
TheIastspartan posted...
ut Wilhelm's drones will probably be even more mindless(Deathtrap and the Sabre turret can solo BL2, even on UVHM, while you stand there doing nothing, and I doubt the drones will be any different).

Pretty much. I'm not extremely knowledgeable to give a valid opinion on Gauge and Deathtrap, but Axton provided so much utility and power in late game it was amazing. Leading up to UVHM you can have a turret that shoots missiles and just pile up damage, and by the time you hit your 3rd playthrough, you don't have a huge need for slag due to how much slag your turret(s) can stack up on an enemy is extraordinary.

Deathtrap is deadly even on UVHM with the right skills. A Robot Rampage spin-attack boosted with some elemental strength from Make It Sparkle is almost guaranteed to kill something, and Sharing Is Caring helps boost its survivability with a copy of your shield (bonus points if the shield has an added effect).

If nothing else, DT proves a decent distraction while you're running to someplace in a hurry.
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Right now on paper looking like Nisha might be my first run through and maybe Athena second. I really like using pistols in borderlands and I also do like tanky characters. Im sure I will start each and play for a bit and see which one feels better to me.
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For me its a tossup between Wilhelm and Athena. I like my Tank characters. Athena has a shield to block bullets and Wilhem has a droid that can recover shields. Both seem really good.
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