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Please get rid of the multiple difficulty/ playthrough rubbish
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I'm kind of disappointed with what we've seen of the Action Skills thus far.
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Joexi179/9 2:52AM
Not getting this, doesnt have my attention.
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Maverickneo279/7 11:56PM
So what is your most wanted feature in this game?Futureops-49/6 8:08AM
Rare (blue) AR worth over 2mil???DuckOfDoom7939/6 5:51AM
Naming the characters!
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Futureops-179/6 5:49AM
zed not a doc, ned starts a zombie apocalypsestrightedgeemo49/4 11:21PM
Creating items confirmed via achievement listReaper69/4 11:16PM
who else is saving claptrap for last (Archived)
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i dont understand people that dont play every PC in a game like this. (Archived)
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Am I the only one hoping for no Sirens? (Archived)
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BLTPS Season Pass (Archived)
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Neisha or Wilhelm ? (Archived)CarDonaII79/2 11:00AM
You know what really disappointed me about BL2? (Archived)Storrac59/1 9:41PM
any news on including splitscreen? (Archived)
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Will There DLC For the Pre-Sequel? (Archived)
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PC version available for pre-order on Steam..60$ (Archived)Nanis2368/30 7:52AM
can anyone actually confirm or deny splitscreen being in this game? (Archived)Printraccoon75758/26 9:01PM
Please share your knowledge (Archived)crow741498/25 8:24PM
environment variety worry? (Archived)SUGARASHAD48/20 4:13PM