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Final Boss (spoiler) (Archived)unclesok94/1 4:55AM
Live and Achievement problems (Archived)Hikago14/1 3:13AM
The trickster masks? (Archived)abbylover153/31 10:47PM
Anyone going to be on tonight(Xbox360) (Archived)dksww13/30 2:44PM
Claptastic Voyage & UVHUP2 !!!! (Archived)theactuary10143/30 1:29PM
That was a bit Devil May Cry 2 (Archived)midsizelebowski23/30 12:46PM
Looking for players who want to start new games (Archived)Smithy-B33/30 10:50AM
Worth Finishing? (Archived)pyrox3953/30 10:28AM
Do I have to replay the DLC all over to get "Wheely Fast"? *spoilers* (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero103/30 10:23AM
Suspicion about Claptastic voyage supposed new enemies (spoilers) (Archived)MegaBMcBlock33/30 10:22AM
Freaking finally beat the boss (Archived)Alden666I66633/30 9:30AM
got a bad Glitch with (Archived)agentmanto13/30 6:02AM
Maybe a silly question but (Spoilers for Claptrap DLC) (Archived)Jokeprince83/29 9:55PM
pics of new heads/skins anybody? (Archived)Gungrave1743/29 3:57PM
Talk about a huge dowload (Archived)danishjuggler2163/29 2:54PM
Athena Sells Out Needlessly? (Archived)Ouros_Ouroboros43/28 9:32PM
How long are all side quests in Claptastic Voyage? (Archived)galfasanta111123/28 8:52PM
Characters that should become playable! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Neon Lace433/28 6:20PM
having issues with the claptrap final boss (minor spoilers) (Archived)Slash_Kamei43/28 5:50PM
think the question we need to ask is (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
z3r0d0wn113/28 5:34PM
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