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Unlock codes? (Archived)crediar214/21 3:50AM
Anyone want to play online together? (Archived)dylanio2113/24 11:36PM
How do you perma-save a finished world for local play?! (Archived)andrea98712/22 3:44AM
Top 5 Disney Infinity 2.0 (or 3.0) Character you wanted/want to see... (Archived)dylanio2142/21 1:45AM
I expected more from the new added characters... (Archived)dylanio2132/21 1:44AM
Really good leveling map (Archived)CMattGray32/16 10:35AM
2.0 has a ton of Marvel playsets but where are the Disney ones? (Archived)Maverickneo11/30 7:13PM
Top 5 Marvel Infinity Power Discs you'd like to see if they do Series 2... (Archived)dylanio2111/29 12:12AM
Top 5 Marvel Infinity Characters I want to see... (Archived)dylanio2111/28 11:51PM
Surprised at the lack of activity on this board.... (Archived)Dragonyeuw51/28 11:41PM
Question about "restarting" Avengers. (Archived)Shy42031/28 11:40PM
Round Power Disc question (Archived)Magic_Pumpkin1441/28 11:39PM
Restarting characters? (Archived)Ketchup10041/26 11:35AM
online play inviting friends (Archived)marceye201011/9 7:27PM
Is anything ported from original Disney Infinity? (Archived)MKCustodial21/6 9:32AM
New to the game, questions (Archived)Davimus51841/5 5:04AM
Wii U owners, we've been shafted again (Archived)darkreyeder112/29 11:58AM
is this game ever going to get KH characters (Archived)Nade Duck312/25 12:17PM
Looks like the game got patched to version 1.0.4. (Archived)HOBBESINATOR112/6 1:42AM
Free Disney Infinity Download on eshop? (Archived)andrea987111/29 2:54AM
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