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StickyGrand Theft Auto Online has its own board (Sticky)Error1355 (M)111/28 8:18PM
why is it, when i go get a pop from the vending machine the person next to itsawtin6527/28 3:09PM
they should make the little tiny aimer dot a lot bigger when u aim weapons.sawtin6537/28 8:23AM
How are the load times both in campaign and online compared to 360?stawg00727/28 7:54AM
I cant believe this game still hasnt had a price drop.FroMan47/27 5:45PM
Do you want single hero or multiple ones in GTA6?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
AmazingDany137/26 6:09PM
Looking for people to do the prison heist and setup todayFrank12347/26 2:33PM
why wont a stolen car stay in michael or franklins drive way?sawtin6527/26 2:30PM
Is it just me or is the AI in this game horrible?dustman12327/26 2:26PM
how come when i change clothes i lose my watch i was wearing?sawtin6517/23 6:02AM
new updates...got golden guns now cooool.sawtin6517/18 7:57AM
tip.....to get away from a 5 star or any star wanted level hide in subwaysawtin6547/18 12:39AM
How did this player get in my personal vehicle?Qbeez99917/17 12:44PM
Is there a way I can sell my sports cars.EntityXL17/16 4:57PM
Possible cure (not temp fix) for the "cant shoot from vehicle" MP bugCapwnD17/14 8:26PM
Humane Labs RaidOZILgunner17/14 9:37AM
has anyone gotten 100% in this game? i havent yet and i beat it 2 times.sawtin6557/14 3:36AM
LifeInvader stock hackCRAZYSHANK17/13 11:42AM
what r these peoples problems, i mean i get a drink from machine they wanna fitsawtin6517/10 7:21AM
robin gas stations over and over i got franklin 10000 before the next missionsawtin6517/10 7:14AM
looking for 2 more people for the prison break heist to take turns getting 25%cloelea17/7 3:53PM
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