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Series A funding - Looking for 3UrbanIAssasin_13/29 10:27AM
Car suggestions? Xferred from 360 and all mine are goneTheGlow33/29 10:16AM
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Some of these daily objectives are really poorly done.
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Looking for two people with mics for heist
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Is the motion blur option glitched?weapon_d00d81623/29 9:55AM
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Got put in a heist with the worst crew ever
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pacific standard getaway tip
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Is GTAO dead for the Xbox One?Brandon0015193/29 6:20AM
Which vehicle sells, probably fully upgraded, for the most money now?
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Free aim heist (early bird)midnyghtsson26513/29 3:58AM
is this game more action or more adventureJaws_Theme33/29 2:38AM
Relatively new player looking for people to play with.Dirk_Damascus23/29 1:16AM
So graphics, damage, and other visual were downgraded for heists?
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My character turned white
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Daily objectives, Who does them? And why they are worth it (Poll)
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