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Pros and cons of Mario Party 10 compared to Mario Party 9?Ninty201665/24 4:31AM
This game proves that NDCube graphical teams are much more skilled than average.MarioGamer1234565/24 2:16AM
how do you change the vehicles?ss2vegeta200635/23 8:24PM
do you need bowser amibo for the bowser mode?cloud_x_blue25/22 6:51AM
ITT: We list of the awful mini-games in the series.
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The only reason I'd get this game is because Donkey Kong hurt sounds funny
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"guest who is dehind mario qnd roslyna if u do i will call u"Wiiboy4ever65/21 1:02PM
Best DK Minigames - Mario Party 7 (Poll)Garioshi55/20 8:02PM
How Scary is Bowser tier list for Mario Party games:MarioGamer1234555/19 4:00PM
this game needs DLCking_austin95105/19 8:26AM
PSA: This game is not horrible because it is differentBalloonBattle0555/19 7:49AM
Would you buy this? Details inside.MarioGamer1234545/18 10:06PM
PSA: This game is horrible
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What is more important to you, the board content or the minigame quality? (Poll)LordBowser65/18 11:07AM
"Think it Out" is probably the best Mario Party songBabyLuigiOnFire95/17 9:13PM
how the eff do i get 4 dice rolls with the same number is bowser party. (Closed)Jonaqq45/17 9:04PM
nintendo would be stupid or smart to release n64 mario parties on vc?jesse715035/17 5:08AM
Good Mario Parties >>> 9 > IT >>> Adv >>> 1
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Mario Party 2-8, and DS appreciation topic
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People say this is the worst Mario Party?
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