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NDCube does a good job at improving...
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Fave character that's playable?
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So wait, the WiiU Gamepad is only used for Bowser mode?palkia1983/5 3:11PM
What Mario Party has the best soundtrack? (Poll)Mariofan1613/5 3:05PM
3 worst mini-games and 7 worst boards in the series listMarioGamer1234513/5 2:59PM
Mario Party 10 , the Good , the Bad and the Horrible.
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I miss the excitement from being able to play the board.Paper_Mario_443/5 2:13PM
I wish that Koopa Kid would appear in another game sometime...MarioGamer1234583/5 2:00PM
How did the music go from...
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Why does this game kept the NO SAVE policy?Swiftie_Muggle43/5 11:42AM
If the Amiibo mode was actually with Large Boards and real characters then... (Poll)Swiftie_Muggle103/5 11:25AM
Demo at best buy
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No mini game mode?
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I feel that this game will fail more than MP8
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Would you prefer if they replaced the car with riding on Bowser's back? (Poll)pennylessz43/4 11:03PM
Favourite character that's playable? (Poll)ThatMarioGuy103/4 10:18PM
What exactly happened at Nintendo that made them make these design choices?
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So, which mode are you the most excited for? (Poll)RS_koala63/4 4:34PM