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ITT: We list of the awful mini-games in the series.
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Best DK Minigames - Mario Party 6 (Poll)Garioshi25/4 10:59PM
Best drinking game while playing Mario Party 10?jcgonzmo55/4 8:27PM
So I bought Mario Party 10...................
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More characters to Mario party 10
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"Think it Out" is probably the best Mario Party songBabyLuigiOnFire45/4 2:04AM
Best DK Minigames - Mario Party 5: Now with snappy titles! (Poll)Garioshi25/3 8:23PM
I want to play as a Chargin' Chuck and a Para-Biddybud. (Closed)IngSlayer25/3 2:32PM
Add King Boo as a DLC Character (Poll)
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This game is horrible.
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So Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr., and Diddy Kong will be DLC characters?unknownuber45/3 4:52AM
What would you rate this game? (Poll)
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Does anybody here play Strip Mario Party?
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I own all the even numbered Mario Partys, but I don't know about this one
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I don't have a wii U but this is the worst game ever.
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So I went through the solo mode of MP8 for the sixth timeBalloonBattle0555/2 11:35AM
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