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This game has a 100% chance of being better than the abomination of a game knownMarioGamer12345911/22 6:59AM
How to fix MP 10
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Hurt and Heal: Which game is the best out of the five?
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Atre you gonna play as Luigi? (Poll)
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YR: Rosalina is Playable in this excuse of a MP Game (Poll)Swiftie_Muggle911/12 3:37PM
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YR: This is the roster
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Will you be using Toadette? (Poll)
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Will Koopa Kid be in the game again?MarioGamer12345511/4 10:47AM
Will Grossalina be in this game?ComeOnDaisy1011/2 6:18AM
Online will make or break my purchase decisionuser508411/1 6:23PM
Will Birdo be playable again? (Archived)Mariofan16910/31 4:20PM
What are your roster predictions? (Archived)Mariofan16410/30 5:38PM
How many people are actually going to get this? (Archived)
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PSA: Luigi and Daisy are a couple. NOT Luigi and Rosalina. (Archived)
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Will Toadette be playable again? (Archived)drfiz710/23 9:16PM
How important is online play to you? (Poll)
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