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8 years ago#1
ok im gonna make this as clean and simple as possible some of you will have to excuse the bad grammar
if it bothers you now ive read the reviews for this game and some of the poeple were complaining about the
cheats not working now in order to get those cheats to work you must first go to the warzone 2100 icon on
your desktop and go to command line then go to properties now press space were it shows the path the icon
is set keep in mind that i use fedora so it might be different now add this command ”--cheat” exactly as it is
with a space in between the path so that way it doesent conflict with one another now when you start a new
game press ctrl+shift+backspace and you should get the message cheats enabled and it will show debug at
the bottom screen and there ya go you now have the power to totally own your enemy now [deity] is the true
god mode code green sparkles code doesent work show me the power code doesent work either
the game play for warzone isent all that different from the windows version
8 years ago#2
please remember that my instructions are for the pc version of this game
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