Nasty sound and cutscene problems. Help? Anyone?

#1E_102_GammaPosted 3/16/2010 7:02:58 PM
I recently tried installing Warzone 2100 on my new-ish gaming computer, but I soon came across a pretty annoying bug. Whenever I play WZ, as soon as a unit moves, I get an EXTREMELY loud, constant static sound. Also, whenever a cutscene tries to play, it just loops the first fraction of a second or so.

I run Win XP Pro, 8800 GTS 512 Mb, AMD Athalon 64 FX 60 Dual Core Processor 2.61 Ghz, 2 Gigs of RAM. Although, I think the problem is that my computer doesn't actually have a sound card. It uses integrated sound, and I've never had any sound problems with any other games, though.

I use an original disk, with the 1.10 patch. And I don't intend to change anything about that. Any of the "newer", unofficial patches just look like mods.

It's not that my volume is turned up too high; the static completely drowns out everything else.

Whenever cutscenes try to play, the video sort of "hangs", although the game doesn't crash. It sort of loops the first 1/8 or so seconds of both the audio and video. If I had never played the game before and didn't use subtitles, I wouldn't be able to understand a single thing they're saying. It completely ruins the experience.

Other than these bugs, the game runs fine. This same computer can run Crysis with all the settings set to Medium and even a few to High with quite decent FPS, so it should be WAY more than capable of running Warzone just fine.

Any suggestions, other than "Get a sound card!"?

Red Alert 2 was the second best RTS game ever; Warzone 2100 was the best.
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I also posted this same topic on Facepunch.

Red Alert 2 was the second best RTS game ever; Warzone 2100 was the best.