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Posted: 5/10/2005 11:25:13 AM
This is the latest in the line of "The 25 things topic". In this one, I have assembled together both my own topic, and Asakura's to present a cooperative "New users topic". Anybody can feel free to offer suggestions for alterations to the topic itself, so talk away. This is officially an "Open Topic" and can be used for random discussion, and questions on in-game specifics.

All references to the "Porygon" battle system have been removed, as It's apparantly been down for some time (Thanks for the info GGFan.)

The only discussions NOT welcome are flame wars and trolling, so if anyone feels the need to attempt flaming, do it elsewhere. To everyone else, see any flames in this topic, simply mark it, then ignore it. Apart from that, relax and enjoy yourselves.

As usual, no posting in the topic before my sig appears.

In-Game specifics
1. The Mew Glitch
2. The Ditto Glitch
3. Glitch City
4. DVs, IVs & Pokemon Genes
5. Vitimins & Stat Experience
6. The Box Trick
7. Missingno
8. The SS Anne Truck
9. Stoneless Evolution
10. Getting the 3 Red/Blue Starters (Yellow Specific)
11. Dead Batteries

Message Boards
12. Common terms
13. Bold & Italics
14. FAQs
15. How to- Topic Search
16. n00bs Vs newbies
17. Don't Boast about abilities
18. Be careful when helping others
19. Team Ratings
20. Flame wars
21. This isn't G/S/C you know...
22. Beware of the Beedrills & Rabid Victribells

Online Battles
23. Online Battling
24. Online Battle rules
25. Some Basic Online Battle tactics

Further Information
25. The best Resources

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