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15 months... has it really been that long?
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Old men make the decision to go to war, but it's us young ones who go out and do all the dying.
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where's ggfan?
#314GunbladeladPosted 8/2/2009 5:01:39 AMmessage detail
He's still around, but largely behaving himself nowadays. There's been no reason for any flame wars, as most of those he argued with have gone elsewhere.

As for which username he's using now - I gave up keping track years ago, but I think his current one says "ggfan" in the sig.
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All I know is his *main* (KomodoTheNinja) is now banned. Found that somewhere. He still uses AIM, I think. He's still on my friend's list, but I rarely ever use AIM as I have little time to waste on such petty insipid nonsense. ;)
Old men make the decision to go to war, but it's us young ones who go out and do all the dying.
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The point of the Ditto glitch, is to force the glitched encounter to be the Pokemon you want, by forcing the special Stat of the final encounter before it, to the corresponding value.

When Ditto uses TRANSFORM, it also copies ALL the stats, except HP. This allows you to switch in a Pokemon with the Special Stat you're wanting, then finish the battle however you want.

sweet, i gotta try that!
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Just remember to avoid any encounters after the Ditto fight, or the Special stat will change to the last Pokemon you fought.
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These boards suck without GGfan.

No excitement whatsoever.

No offense guys, lol.
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^ Good name.
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Excellent topic. I come back to this every time I do a playthrough of the game to use the Mew glitch.
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