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Nice to know the topic's still helping people, despite some of the outdated information...
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Did I happen to see the TC on the UK Board a while ago?

I was gonna say hi but I don't think you'd remember me
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Just popping in to say "hi". Shame the board is so dead although I guess it has been a loooong time since this game came out. With all of the new games and remakes of the old games I'm actually kind of surprised there are any active topics at all.
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Good to see you. Most of the activity is on the Red & Yellow boards now, I'm afraid. I still prefer this one, as it was the original Pokemon board before the split.

@Cartel - I've not used the "Nighteyes" name for quite a long time (I've long since forgotten the login details, and the linked email address has been closed due to lack of use). I do lurk on the UK board occasionally, however.
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good faq.
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It might be good, but it badly needs updated - especially with Geocities being closed, and unfortunately, the mods just won't remove this one and allow a new one to be stickied...
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Phil Erwin's site has died with Geocities, and as such isn't available any more.

As for Missingno, for duping items, the glitch kicks in during the half-second pause just before the battle screen. That pause is actually the game doing a "quicksave", which is part of the corruption.

I've gone over the game-destroying possibilities of Missingno many times before - it is a real risk, albiet a miniscule one. I know of less than 15 reports on GameFAQs in the past of that sort of extreme corruption (one of them being my own). As such, there's always a disclaimer when I talk about Missingno.

How the Missingno duping glitch works.

When you encounter Missingno, the game doesn't quite know how to handle it, and as a result numerous sections in memory get modified. In the case of the memory location determining the amount of items the 6th Item slot has, the Most Significant Bit gets set to "1" - In laymans terms, if there's less than 127 of that particular item in the slot (which there will be unless you've just done the glitch), then it will add 127 to it.
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ruba dub dub, thanks for the grubb
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What is this grub you speak of?