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11 years ago#91
I would appreciate it if Kamon137's question be answered. I just suffered the same problem (sans the Pokemon Stadium bit).

Here's exactly what I did. I started a new Pokemon Red game on my GBASP and played through until Cerulean City. I then turned off my GBASP and went downstairs to catch my meal before the buffet closed.

I came back to my room, loaded my saved file, and caught both Mews using the exact methods described. I then saved and removed Pokemon Red from my GBASP and put Pokemon Gold in it instead.

I put Pokemon Red in my regular GBA and attached the two with a gamelink. Upon turning it on, I discover that I can't trade my Mew over to Gold for one simple reason: the game doesn't have any saved data anymore.

My theory is that if you save and quit too soon after catching a Mew, the game will erase your data. Or maybe it's due to a certain randomness? In any case, some confirmation and/or explanation would be quite helpful. Sorry if this is a ridiculously stupid question. Thanks for you time.
11 years ago#92
My guess is that if you're doing a direct trade between 2 cartridges though Stadium, then there'll be no problems.

However, storing mew on Pokemon Stadium (any of them - they all have similar problems for some reason - by all I include the first Japanese edition which was different from the western release) does have a record of causing all sorts of problems. I myself lost all the cups and all the stored items (THIS was particularly annoying as I'd built up a massive supply in PS2), but the stored creatures were still there.

If you're doing a Stadium trade (or or more accurately, transfer) with 1 transfer pak (rather than 2), then you're probably best crossing your fingers and wishing for luck.

If you're trading in the traditional link-cable way, then it may well be a dodgy battery in the cartridge losing the data. In general they're reliable for a long time, but after a few years data loss can occur. Some people believe you can "recharge" them by having the power on for a while. Personally, I believe, when the battery is dead, it's dead, and needs replacing. If you're confident with a soldering iron and have the right screwdriver, then on you go (at your own risk...). A safer option is to call your local nintendo centre and see if they'll replace it for you.
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11 years ago#93

This is the last topic on the board, dont want it dying
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11 years ago#94
....oops. Didn't realise the stickied topic and the non-stickied one were the same thing. Never mind. *runs*
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11 years ago#95
..I'm not sure if you guys didn't quite catch what happened when my game's data was deleted, so I'll say it again. I was playing Pokémon Yellow on my Gameboy Advance. I caught two Mews, around Cerulean City. I saved game. Now, later on, I borrowed my friend's Pokémon Stadium, and tried to play Pokémon Yellow on my Nintendo 64. However, once the damn Transfer Pak finally kicked in, my data was erased. I removed it from the N64 to test it on my Gameboy Advance to find I had the same problem.
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11 years ago#96
Sorry about the delay in replying Kamon.

The odds are that you simply have a dead battery if it's Yellow that's not saving.

Just a small heads up for the Mew users - DON'T store it on the N64 Stadium carts, it's known to cause problems.
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D*mmit! Some people says Mew crashes Stadium, some people says it don't! How the heck are we supposed to know what's true??? We don't want to take any risks!
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11 years ago#98
Just to clear things up.

If Mew is only stored on your GB carts, then Stadium is perfectly safe. It's only been known to wipe data (as far as I know) if it's stored on an N64 box. I'm one of those that's been hit with Mew-related Stadium data loss. (ALL my items in PS2, and I've also lost my cups in Stadium. Yes, I was hit twice...)

This means that trading via stadium is safe, as is Stadium's rental Mew.
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Thanks, that made me feel a little better... So I can still use my killer Mew L100 from R/B/Y in Stadium when my cartridge is in the Transfer Pak, as long as I don't put Mew on the N64 boxes... Good.

Well, as long as the Mew is gotten from the Mew Glitch, at least.
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11 years ago#100
Azures PBS is down again. :(
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