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8 years ago#1
Does anyone else think it's weird that diglett knows scratch?
What does he scratch you with exactly?
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8 years ago#2
I've always wondered this too.


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8 years ago#3
Its nose, obviously.
My stupid what?
8 years ago#4
Diglett is more than just a head. He has feet/hands beneath yet it has never been seen.
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8 years ago#5
I wanna see Diglett actually be the largest pokemon in existance. It will be the big WTFPLOTTWIST of next-gen lol.
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8 years ago#6
You're wrong. Dugtrio would be the largest Pokemon in existence. >__>
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8 years ago#7
8 years ago#8
In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon it is revealed that Diglett has limbs.
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8 years ago#9
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8 years ago#10
Yeah, and it should be wierder that it can hax a lot of critical hits with Slash o.o
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