Question about ditto glitch.

#1bballboy1165Posted 3/10/2008 5:25:23 PM
So I recently heard about the Mew glitch and restarted my game to try it. It worked great, but I am a little more confused about this Ditto glitch, even after reading the stickied topic and a few FAQs.
Can this glitch only be used to clone pokemon I already have, or can I use it to catch pokemon that I normally wouldn't be able to catch (like Mew)?
I only have blue version, so I was just wondering if I could complete my pokedex with this Ditto glitch. Thanks for any help!
#2RossmacdaddyPosted 3/10/2008 6:12:09 PM
Yes, you could complete your Pokedex with the Ditto glitch. Though honestly it would be easier to use the Glitch FAQ on the Yellow board to find trainers that will get you the Pokemon you want. Setting up the Ditto glitch takes longer, but it can have the same effect.
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