I remember I went to a Pkmn rom site several years ago

#1SandaanPosted 3/19/2008 5:32:56 PM
He excluded Pokémon Red from the list because he thought it was inferior to the blue version

He's so immature
#2RE123Posted 3/19/2008 8:20:22 PM
what a poken00b!!!!! i actually like red better....for whatever reason
#3PIKA740Posted 3/20/2008 6:27:54 PM
Joke topic?
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#4Zhou14Posted 3/20/2008 6:32:32 PM
Most likely.
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#5Sandaan(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2008 8:02:53 AM
not a joke topic at all, its all true
#6DrNoob911Posted 3/23/2008 3:06:36 PM
i dont really find a difference between the two other than u can only catch certain pokemon in each
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