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When using the safari zone glitch where I get poisoned is the only badge check that I can get past the one that checks boulderbadge? If so, doesn't that mean that I'll have to kill Brock anyway because Giovanni can be beaten only if I have every badge?
8 years ago#2
Um... Enlighten me...
8 years ago#3
When using the safari zone glitch where I get poisoned is the only badge check that I can get past the one that checks boulderbadge? If so, doesn't that mean that I'll have to kill Brock anyway because Giovanni can be beaten only if I have every badge?

It doesn't check Boulder Badge and whatever badge Giovanni has, so you can skip Giovanni and Brock. There is now a glitch that allows you to skip Brock. Not in Yellow though from what I tried of it, which is odd.

I will answer gbchaosmaster in a minute, but I have dialup so getting to resources is a little slow.
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8 years ago#4
Um... Enlighten me...

I may have read what you said out of context, and forgive me if I have, but it seems as if you don't know what this glitch is. Sadly the newer glitches aren't really in circulation on Gamefaqs.

http://tasvideos.org/1671S.html and http://tasvideos.org/1647S.html are good videos that represent all the glitches except the Brock skip glitch.

Now for an explanation made by me from a while back on Pojo. Sorry if it is confusing.

"Skipping Brock:

Combined with the Walk through walls glitch later on to stop the Boulder Badge check (and the Earth Badge check skipping Giovanni), it is possible to skip Brock with this new glitch. To perform it, first go right in front of that guy that walks you to Brock. After initiate the conversation with him by going forward, and when he says his last words press B and then Start quickly. Save now (you have to have put the arrow on the Save option beforehand). After that restart. The guy will lead you to Brock, but if you go back he will be 5 tiles upwards allowing you to move onwards, thus skipping Brock."

"Here is another glitch (video in the link I will provide), but I will not even attempt to explain it since I don't get it. I can replicate it, but that is about the extent of it. There are no problems on the cartridge, but if you are using a ROM or something it likely won't work, but I am not going into details because ROM discussion is illegal here I think.

The glitch is only doable in the Japanese versions of the game also. I don't know exactly which, but I am assuming Japanese Green and Red only.

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8 years ago#5
"The first glitch is an extension of the Mew glitch. All Pokemon are at level 7 because of the stat modifier of the activation Pokemon. To lower or raise the level of the glitch Pokemon one must use Growl or something similar against the Pokemon that activates the glitch Pokemon. While having level 1 Pokemon is usually useless, the game never meant for lower leveled Pokemon, and the formula that calculates experience points to the next level becomes weird for some Pokemon at low levels. This includes all 3 evolution Pokemon except for Beedrill, Butterfree, and Dragonite I think. Mew is also one of the Pokemon who follows the 'fading' XP formula. Since they become weird at level one, the XP reads '-63' to the next level. If the Pokemon gains less than 63 experience points in battle they will level up to level 100 automatically.

This is another extension to the Mew glitch. I am not fully positive on how to do everything with the glitch, but one of the easier things that is possible is skipping Snorlax. Simply go See Snorlax next to Vermillion and then go activate the long ranged trainer glitch with a Trainer in the area before Snorlax. After warping back (to Vermillion), go battle the trainer with Butterfree. After that is done go back to Snorlax (beating Chansey on the way), and Snorlax should be invisible. Snorlax is still there because using the flute next to him will wake him up, but it is possible to go through Snorlax and skip the Rock Tunnel. It is also possible to skip the second Snorlax but I don't know how right now.

The third glitch is the walk through walls glitch. Activating this one is simple. Have a poisoned Pokemon as the only Pokemon in the party, and then activate Glitch City. Before being called back to the Saphari Zone (after having done the glitch that activates Glitch City), on the 500th and last step jump down one of the fences. The character should float in midair as they call you back. Now inside the building it will be possible to walk through walls. However, the glitch will stop working when exiting the building. That is where poison kicks in. The Pokemon will faint from poison while walking inside the Saphari Zone building, and the trainer will be outside able to walk through walls (and walk through water, making Surf not needed)."

There are all the glitches that aren't mentioned in the sticky (I think), I hope it helps, and that I missed nothing.
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8 years ago#6
It could also be because the topic creator's word's were hardly legible, but I hope I didn't do this for nothing. =x
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8 years ago#7
You didn't do this for nothing; I learnt something new. Thanks! =D
Sandal that Stinks
8 years ago#8
And so did I, thanks as well.
8 years ago#9
That glitch only for the japanese green version,has do to something with how many steps you walked and something about replacing your first pokemon with oaks parcel somehow.

I don't remember where I saw the explanation though.
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8 years ago#10
If so, doesn't that mean that I'll have to kill Brock anyway because Giovanni

yea, signature....let me get back to you on that one

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